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"There's a degree of difficulty in dealing with me. From my haunted past comes the daunting task of living through memories." - Little Hell; City and Colour.

Oh god i hate writing these, but i guess i should do it anyway.

My name is Noelle and i'm Canadian, living in Labrador. I'm 15 years old and well...

im not interesting. I'm also not Straight ;D

Wanna know some shit about me? ;D probably not but WHATEVER.


.supernatural. .criminal minds. .House M.D. .The Big Bang Theory. .Etc.

.cloverfield. .zombieland. .Accepted. .resident evil series. .underworld series. .hot rod. .etc.

.disturbed. .five finger death punch. .the agonist. .system of a down. .dio. .rise against.

.rage against the machine. .dream theater. .slipknot. .amon amarth. .arch enemy.

.breaking benjamin. .avenged sevenfold. .bullet for my valentine. .ac/dc. .def leppard.

.guns n' roses. .kansas. .styx. .foreigner. .children of bodom. .brokencyde. .coheed and cambria.

.evanescence. .three days grace. .3 doors down. .Hollywood undead. .lamb of god. .linkin park.

.manowar. .metallica. .pink floyd. .pantera. .shinedown. .stone sour. .led zeppelin.

.Lady Gaga. .Adam Lambert .City and Colour.

.left 4 dead 1-2. .prototype. .call of duty:modern warfare 1-2. .battlefield:bad company 2. .portal 1 and 2. .LA noire.

.zombies. .gas masks. .art. .writing stories. .canines. .revolving doors. .Pepsi. .Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays(gotta love the criminal minds

marathons, and of course, supernatural on Friday~). .band poster collages. .black lights. .plaid. .converse. .ipod.

.rainbows(don't hate man..don't hate.). .whales. .skinny jeans. .memory foam. .lawn chairs. .chocolate milk. .boats. .Trains. ...


.homophobes. .any time before 9 AM. .zombies(its a love hate relationship..) .elevators. .fire escapes. .country. .auto tune.

.people who shove their beliefs down your throat. .infomercials(except for the oxyclean guy and vince.) .morning shows.

.family channel. .cliffs. .hallways. .spiders. .dresses. .alarm clocks. .birthdays. .mosquitoes and black flies. ...

Yeah. i just usefully filled a half hour of my life..i feel accomplished.