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UPDATE. 2/20/2013. I am ALIVE! And back! And there will be updates! I have been away far too long.

You can call me Stephen. Or Steve. Or Amber. Or, my favorite, Steve the Pirate. Also, I must note that I am now Mrs. Stephen Dockers. :)

I kind of have a thing for brothercest. But that's totally not obvious, or anything.

The three most important things to me; writing, music (especially the bands Muse, Radiohead and Pink Floyd; wonderful for inspiring you.), and laughter.

That's chipping at the surface. XD

Story stats:

Ondes-written at a slow pace and containing lots of quick jumps from plot snippet to plot snippet, this story lazily describes the lives of three brothers living in a rather dysfunctional home, or a 'Glasshouse', as one of them likes to call it. Slash, pretty hardcore incest, and general naughtyness, with a few kinks thrown in for good measure. Rating is now 'M' for bad things, haha. Heavily inspired by Radiohead. Unlike anything else I've ever written. XD Title taken from the phrase 'Ondes Martenot', which is an instrument used in some Radiohead songs. ('Don't talk politics, and don't throw stones, living in a glasshouse.')

(1/7/2013) - Although it looks as though it's been taking me a long time to update now-a-days, I shall try to pick my pace back up. Just know that I definitely have not given up on Ondes. :D

Tourniquet - It's just the beginning of another summer for Marv when someone breaks his despised brother's leg in two places. However, Marv's satisfaction ends all too soon when he realizes that it's now his responsibility to care for the idiot. Brothercest. Written along the same lines as Ondes, but from third-person pov and with a more humorous tone. Also there will be more porn than Ondes. :D

An Art of Breathing - working title. The story of Victor Trakolski, a nobody with everything to prove. That is, until he was hit by a train. Death isn't quite what he expected.

Something Concerning Magnetics, (Or Everything We're Not) - the joint stories of Tesla Carol and Notte Important , one a man who wanted to die, and the other a woman who wanted to live, both part of something bigger they can't even begin to imagine. And it all begins with a grocery store clerk with an unside-down name tag. More or less. Rated T for the moment, will go up. Romance and Fantasy. On Hiatus.

"...and that is how I made my millions."

(BTW, my alternate account is RubyXSerpent, where I write het and T/below rated stories. This account will be for posting my slash and/or M rated stories.)

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Sylvan Wolf's family is full of love, but the cloud of Mom's clinical depression weighs heavy on the house. With two younger brothers to care for, one an infant, the other delinquent, every day life is overwhelming. Especially, when the man he loves no longer lives at home, and happens to be his older brother. Re-vamping, not forgotten;Brocest/Drugs/Depression-You've been warned
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Someone wise once said 'People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.' My family never followed this advice, and now...our walls just might be cracking. Slash, swearing, brothercest. Inspired by Radiohead...strange as that is.
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It's just the beginning of another summer for Marv when someone breaks his despised brother's leg in two places. However, Marv's satisfaction ends all too soon when he realizes that it's now his responsibility to care for the idiot. Brothercest.
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