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Dana, Dani, Danielle; preferrably the first two.

17 yrs of age (Senior)- Organizations (Future Teachers of America, National Honor Society, Cheerleader, HiQ, Soccer Team, and Future Business Leaders of America... trying to be well-rounded is beating the shit out of me)

Bday- Sept. 30

Race/Sex/Location: Black, Female, Alabama

Hello, welcome to my profile. I've been writing for years on this website and recently deleted all of my stories to start over a new leaf. So I'm no newbie to this website. I've been a member technically since 2003 and longer on fanfiction.net.

What do you write? I write interracial stories (BW/WM, BW/AM, BW/HM) since that interests me the most and I really got into those type of relationships since I've read a lot of good fiction with that type. I also write everything else underneath the rainbow.

What do you read? The same as I write generally, but I have read some good written male slash.

Anything you reading now I should be reading? Stranger than that I'm writing these questions from anothers point of view. I'm reading Twilight Series, but if you're not into hot, emo vampires. Don't bother. It'll bore you.

What don't you write? Historical fiction that surrounds any type of war event, nonfiction, and slash. I'm not really into slash like most of the chicks on this website. Boy on boy fiction action just don't do it for me, sorry nor do girl on girl action. Because slash nowadays is deprived from retarded fangirls who find it adorable or "hawt".

What music are you into? All types, except country and bluegrass. I listen to rap, r&b, rock, and pop. But mostly rap and rock. Primarily rock out of the two. Speaking of rock, below are the listing of my favorite bands in order. Although the list changes everyday, but the number 1 and number 2 choice stays the same.

Top 10 Fav Rock Bands (Which changes except for the first 2):

1. Disturbed

2. Avenged Sevenfold

3. Slipknot

4. Three Days Grace

5. Three Days Grace

6. Seether

7. Godsmack

8. Metallica

9. Breaking Benjamin

10. 30 Secs. To Mars

Eye For An Eye
They drove her brother to suicide, the comments, the bullying. So she drove a knife through each of their bodies. In her mind, it was vengeance. Revenge. Rightful end to what was wronged. Violence.
Fiction: Horror - Rated: M - English - Horror - Chapters: 1 - Words: 4,725 - Published: 11/27/2008 - Complete