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Dear Readers,

I love you.

I love that you have read my material,

and that you are now reading my profile.

Something must have brought us together is this cosmic, anonymous, internet-y kind of way.

It must have been fate.

If the fates have brought you this far, why not go a little bit further?

It isn't like you need them to hold your hand and show you the way--show you how to take it to the next level.

Am I right?

So, why not comment on my poems and/or stories?

And if you do, the fates will leave me no other choice than to reply and then comment on a piece of your writing.

Not that I need them to hold my hand or anything...

I am open to criticism, although, I do not appreciate vague, hateful criticism that neither helps me as a writer nor shows that the commentator has any decency at all.

You know what I am talking about.

Those comments that are just mean and hurtful.

Those words spoken by a jealous writer who knows that there is nothing wrong with what you have written, yet is consumed by their jealousy, so they write total bullshit in the hopes that it will make you doubt your writing abilities.

Yes, those people.

Vague niceness is also unappreciated.

These are the "I like it" people.

Or the "It was good" people

Why do you like it?

What makes it stand out?

What is your favorite part?

See, there is so much you can say about a persons writing.

So, what is stopping you?

Go for it.

Grab life by the balls.

If you are one of the lucky people who are already clasping life's balls, good for you.

I am proud of you.

Don't let go.



(No really, it does)

August 10, 2010

I realize that in order to understand my writing, you might need to know a little bit about myself and how I view my writing. So, here it goes...

I do not claim to be an amazing writer, nor will I ever. When I write poetry, I write it for enjoyment and mostly for myself. Poetry helps me get certain feelings off of my chest so that I may breathe again. As someone pointed out to me, I have no grammar in my poems. I did not realize that this would be a problem or change my desired meaning. So, I will tell you what I told him. Public grade school screwed me in the grammar department, as in they never taught it to us. Yet, they expected us to know it. Not fair, huh? It wasn't until I was in my second semester in college, that I had a teacher who had the patience to teach us some of the grammar basics. (By the way, I am going into my third semester this fall, just to put it in perspective for you). We spent two weeks, which was fours class periods, discussing grammar, but now I am on my own. I can guarantee that I will make grammar mistakes. Please don't judge me for this--it would be like judging a little kid for falling off their bike the first time without the training wheels. If you would like to inform me of a mistake, and I encourage you to, please explain why it is a mistake. And please don't be one of those people who must show me how much smarter you are than I am. That won't paint a very pretty picture of you.

I enjoy writing stories. I was working on a joint story with Shenhua Phantom called "The Nights of Ethereal". It is about two girls who are given magical powers to balance the good and evil ratio in the world. We only got to the discovery of the powers when we stopped writing. We always vowed to write more, in fact, we are almost done with the next chapter. Sadly, it won't be finished. It was going to be amazing. If you want to read what was written, go check out Ms. Phantom's page. She is a good writer. And I am sure she would love some reviews. Since that venture stopped, I have begun a story based off of a dream I had. it is currently title-less. And I am only on chapter one. I edit as I go, so it might be a while before I put it up on here. It might take even longer if I can't find a beta reader...because I am apparently horrible with grammar. Haha. I'd much rather have "substance" and personality in my writing than to fully understand grammar. Have you ever read a paper that was grammatically perfect, but made you want to rip your eyes out because it was so boring? I have. Thank you peer-group editing. Back to my current story, it is going to be the first story that I am going to write completely by myself. Which makes me excited and nervous at the same time. I want to write on here what it is about, but I am afraid I will revel too much. So, you are just going to have to be patient.

I mostly write essays because I am a college student. My first semester of college, I was averaging about three essays a week. I don't want to toot my own horn or anything, but I have been told that I am a good essayist. Actually, I am getting published in my schools anthology this semester. Yay! I think essays are stronger than any of my other writing, mostly because I write them so often. I am thinking of adding some of my essays on here for you to read. They aren't perfect, but they are A worthy papers according to my professors. Yes, I think I will add a couple. :)

Now that you know a little bit more about my writing, here is a little bit about the person behind PopMakesMeBurpy:

Name: ...Like I would put that on here, haha.

Age: 19

Job: I work at PetSmart. I get paid to play and take care of all the animals. I also answer any question concerning them. In the future I hope to be a farmer.

Hobbies: Reading (I enjoy memoirs mostly or nonfiction...weird?), Hula-hooping (well, it was and will be again once my belly-button piercing is healed), Photography, Coloring, Yoga, Stalking (...you, haha, just kidding...by the way you should open your curtain so I can stalk properly), knitting, singing (poorly), movies, and organizing.

I am not sure what else to write about myself. I guess if you really wanted to know something about me, you could always ask. I always love a new penpal. :)

Bless your face. (50 love points to whoever can tell me who originally said that)

September 3, 2010

I have been in a rut for quite sometime now and last night I forced myself to write. I just uploaded it and you probably won't understand it. That is to be expected because it wasn't written for you. It was mostly written for myself. As I said earlier, I write poetry for myself and in this case a little bit for someone else. They will never read it, they never do. I am still working on my untitled story. I just don't have much time to force the creativity out of myself. I am a full-time student and I work about 25 hours a week. The time in between is mostly dedicated to homework, but mostly avoiding homework...which I happen to be doing right now. I have to write a character analysis and I am nervous. In all my english classes I have felt secure with my writing. Not this one. My teacher is amazing. I read some of his work and I am frozen by the fear of his rejection. I am no where near his level. I will never even get close enough to touch his level. It is terrifying. Terrifying...

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