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So About The Story You Shouldn't Know:

The Story You Shouldn't Know - yes, it's the Story that defied all possible summaries! I can tell you a small bit of what it's about, though. It's about a girl named Anna who's been destined for something extraordinary ever since birth, although nobody would ever truly know what until the day she meets Josh. Josh is cool, Josh is cute - but Josh is also very, very evil and he's about to put Anna through hell and back again.

Yup, that's pretty much all i'm allowed to say. I can honestly say, however, that it's different. It's (sadly) a romance, because I wanted to try my hand at that, and that's pretty much it.

What did you think of it? Review and lemme know.


Updates? The Story is updated very regularly, with usually less than week-long intervals. However, since i have school starting October, updates could be less frequent, especially since the chapters are pretty long. Hopefully it'll be finished sometime in May or earlier.

EDIT// I lied. It finished in July.


Character Pics ... unfortunately, the Story isn't the sort of story that can have character pics. Sorreh.


Fan Art ... not so much fan art as fantastic-fan photoshop, the fabulous Arrowsong made some really beautiful Story banners! The Wolf one, which i have as my avvy, is here. This one is Anna's, this one is Josh's, and these here, here and HERE are all just general Story banners that i love to death!

edit// for the Story trailer watch?v=XFYSxGfeXpk (links aren't working right now, sorry).

Thank you, xxMidnightxxRainxxMelodyxx!


FAQs: How many chapters will the Story have? At this point i'm not exactly sure, as i get carried away writing sometimes, but i think it'll probably be around thirty (:

Will there be a sequel? Nope. Sorry. Maybe a few mini-stories after it, but no sequel.


The Special Reviewer Surprise ... in the spirit of Satan and all that is fun, I have decided to have a small - shall we say surprise? - to my 666th reviewer (if i hopefully get that far!) Although some books say 616 is the devil's number, i'm sticking with 666 as it is more widely known and all (plus 665! The neighbour of the beast! xD) so anyway! Keep reviewing, and just maybe, you'll find yourself in the story! (;

EDIT// Annnnnnd the 666th review has gone to a certain Dimitri Victor Belikov! Watch out for a certain character in chapter 27 xD


The Story You Shouldn't Know Rap (Set to the Beat of 'Fresh Prince of Bel Air, curtesy of Dani, a.k.a Jayd Scarlett)

Now this is a story all about how,
My life got flipped, turned upside down.
Now, I'd like to take a moment, just sit right there,
I'll tell you how I got married to Satan's heir.

In West ... forest?, born and raised,
Hanging with the Wolf, where I spent all my days,
Chilling out, relaxing, being quite cool,
And doing normal things, like going to school.
When a guy named Josh, he was up to no good,
Starting being strange in my neighbourhood.
I got in one little fight, and the Wolf got scared,
And said, "Don't talk to Josh, he really doesn't care!"

I whistled for a bear, and when he came near,
I saw he'd been killed, was fresh, and nothing became clearer.
If anything, I could that say this guy was rare,
But I thought, no, forget it, he doesn't play fair!

I was sent around the world to see everything he hates,
and I yelled to Josh, "Yo, I really hate ya!"
I looked at his kingdom, this time I didn't care,
And sat in our thrones, and I never got scared.

... I think this is epic.


Plagiarism: Don't do it. I've got proof it's mine ...

1st Version of Story Begun (later removed): March '09

Proper Version Of Story Begun: June '09

Completed: July '10

Begun at Age: 14
Finished at:

Right Off the Donkey

Right Off the Donkey is a oneshot I've just submitted. Bit of a comedy/cliche thing set in Egypt. I was really bored and wrote it for a laugh, and a change of style (there's no death in this one ... AND its in first person) but I hope you like it!


Characters In This Fic?

Laila - The main character. Sweet girl, bit stupider than she realizes.
Ahmed -
The class clown.
Mr Shafie -
Long-suffering Arabic teacher.
Adham -
Laila's crush and the class athlete. But he's more than he seems.
The Chace -
A British tourist who looks like Chace Crawford. Also Laila's victim.
Hesham -
Adham's best friend. Addicted to his Blackberry; attitude problems.
The Camel Guy -
A man who works at the pyramids giving out camel rides. And apparently donkey rides.
The donkey -
An unfortunate donkey ... with a rather determined personality.
The Rest of the Class/ Random Tourists -
People who happened to be there.


Vocabulary in This Fic (Arabic and Egyptian Slang)?

Koshary - An Egyptian meal of rice, pasta, sauce and assorted other ingredients. Good stuff.
- Arabic insult for ... well, camp guys. Pronounced like fleece with an S.
Eshta -
Used by Egyptian teens to mean "Awesome!" but it officially means cream.
Ma'lesh -
Term for consolation; like "there, there" or "how unfortunate".


The Right Off the Donkey Rap (Set to the beat of Fresh Prince of Bel Air, also curtesy of Danillamasanawesomehead a.k.a. Jayd Scarlett)

Now this is a story all about how,
My life got flipped, turned upside down.
Now, I'd like to take a moment, just sit right there,
I'll tell you how I fell off a donkey and got quite a scare.

In West Egypt, born and raised,
At the pyramids, where I hated spending my days,
Chilling out, sweating, looking a fool,
And all staring at The Chace, who made me drool.
When a couple of guys, they were up to no good,
Starting riding camels in the neighborhood.
I got in one little fall, and The Chace got scared,
And said, "You're an idiot, a dolt, you ruined my hair!"

I'd whistled for a donkey, and when he came near,
I saw The Chace in flesh, but he was staring in the mirror.
If anything, I could that say this moment was rare,
But I thought, nah, forget it, I don't care!

I got talking to Adham, who I'd known since I was seven or eight,
and I yelled to the donkey, "Yo, homes, smell you later!"
Looking at my friend, he told me he cared,
And sat on a sand-dune with Adham there.

again, undeniable epicness.


Oneshot Begun on April 6th 2010

Finished and Submitted on April 7th 2010

The Chronicles of a Muslim Vampire

CoaMV is my latest thing. I did say I was going to write it once the Story was done, and I actually did, surprisingly enough! Anyway, it's a pet project of mine. It's going to be in a series of chronicles: Chronicle the First, Chronicle the Second, and so on and so forth.

This story is mainly humorous. I lie. It's about 90 percent humor. The other 10 percent is raising awareness about other countries and cultures in general. The reviews have been fairly positive, so I'm optimistic about it.

There's not really much to say, otherwise. Go read it! Enjoy!

Begun (Well, put on Fictionpress): Sept. 3rd 2010
Finished: -

EDIT// So if you guys read the above update, CoaMV is currently on hiatus because of my blasted ambitions. I hope you enjoy the five chapters up, though, and do tell me what you think of it once you've read it!

Anything else? That's what PMs are for!

T-t-t-That's All, Folks!

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