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Name: Alec Doud
Age: 17 and 9 months
Sex: Male
Favorite Genre: Fantasy
Favorite Art Style: Mange (Yes, it is a style!)
Favorite Person Ever: Bumu

My Formal Intro:

Hello, as you may have guessed, I'm Alec Doud. I go to Kennesaw Mountain High, live in the good old state of Georgia, would hate it there if it weren't for one person who is the most important to me. (You know who you are.) I love... well... many things. I love the following unconditionally: Bumu, Video Games, Internet fads, Funny junk, Playing the Piano (although I'm not all that good at it), Learning songs for the piano, Listening to music, thinking up video games that would totally hit it up. (Night Club Tycoon anyone?)

Currently, I am working on a novel called "Blame it onTradition!!". It's about a young man named Lan who has been chosen by his family to marry a girl from another family. It is set in modern Japan, and has some science fiction-Esq parts to it. There are quite a few plot twists as of yet, and there are even more on the way. I hope you enjoy it, and I hope to finish it... eventually.

Special Thanks to:

Jessica Danner, for all of her loving support and help.
Catie Covington, for informing me of all of the cultural flaws in the story
Philip Doud, for all of his insperation and making me want to be better
Jared Doud, for being there and keeping me from being bored out of my mind
Shellee, for being annoying and pestering Jessica all of the time
Kristen, for taking me to all of the Ren-fairs! (So fun!!)
Mom, for being... my mom...
Dad, for earning the cash!

And anyone else that I may have forgotten!

Currently working on: Blame it on Tradition!!

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