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Welcome to the Thoughts and Fiction dump account of The Bound Nomad. You'll find essays of thoughts and some fiction in this account; if you like anything you read and want to write back, I welcome unsolicited email.

About Me:

Quiet and curious, with emotions much too influenced by music and good food. Wild imagination, lots of ideas, lots of bits of thought strings that need tying together. Need more friends with good imaginations to swap thought strings with or help each other string together. Weird and occasionally anti-social but always loyal. Star sign: Scorpio --I won't take offense if you run for cover.

I adore Anime, good fiction, romance and being in love. I'm addicted to sake, hot baths, great books, silk, and french perfume.

I have been travelling to a lot of places around the world, but I have yet to find my home. I believe that I will, though. And there are some things that I believe in much the same way, like finding true love... which is why I love Romance of every kind.

I believe that there is a difference between being in a relationship and living one, a house and a home, and sex and making love. But none between how a person loves though it comes in various degrees and qualities... and may not always be healthy. I also believe that people are generally good but that they have bad days... or choose to be bad. I believe that we all will NEVER agree on everything because it is a law of nature that there be as many perspectives as there are people in this world.

I also believe I am allowed to laugh my ass off when I think about the line, "I am unique and different, just like every one else."

I love to write, think and drink coffee. I like to think that when I die it will be like going to sleep and never waking from my dreams and that my dreams will consist of the beach, the Museum of Natural History, the British National Library, my laptop, and a Starbucks coffee shop.

I like to think that I have a connection with the people I care about so that if anything ever happens to them, I will just know. Just as I always hope to know I am really on my way to being the person I want to be and work to become.


On fiction: I write some outrageous things; be warned. My fantasy stories are a little radical and sometimes can be quite Out There. I also don't see anything 'wrong' with or different about bisexuality or homosexuality --I wasn't raised with any opinion on them except that they are part of society.

I try to be careful to word my essay writing to mean possibilities and not a definitive "all" since speaking in generalizations is against what I believe. But for some, the points I try to make in my essays do apply.

There is, as always, a lot of different ways my writing can be taken. Instead of shying completely away from the topics at all, I write about only a small portion or circumstantial issue of it. So while you could argue from another perspective and be right, this does not necessarily make what I write wrong --its simple another perspective. A lot of the important things in life are like that.