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Delays from all ends (rather longer than anticipated lead times from the companies I'm dealing with) mean that, as you may have figured out, September is no longer a reality. "Out of Bounds" should be going to print (all fingers crossed) in December. When more exact dates can be confirmed I will do so. In the mean time, Kite Hill has a short story by Suvi Mahonen in the works - look out for links in the next week or so!

Exciting News!

'Out of Bounds' will be available to buy in paperback soon as one of the first titles from Kite Hill Publishing (link in homepage, above)!

The company was born of the desire to produce quality books, which are well written, edited and formatted, despite containing GLBT characters. The idea is to prove that fiction like this could and does have a more general following than people who are solely interested in erotica.

Make contact through the website if you're interested in cross promotion of any form, particularly if you're a self-publisher!

Just to avoid confusion and to make sure no one feels I'm being wilfully deceptive - Kite Hill Publishing is my own business. I'm passionate about publishing quality fiction. To allay any worries: this is not a vehicle for my ego - future catalogues will not be dominated by my work. That's unethical and not what I'm out to do. It's just a little tricky to start up a publishing company without a book to print!

For status updates about Kite Hill Publishing and to help build up support, pick your poison and add us on facebook (Kite Hill), twitter (KHPublishing) or livejournal (kitehill)!

In terms of writing, my update schedule is a little slow at the moment. Rest assured, my head explodes if I stop writing. Nothing is abandoned; I'm far too stubborn for that.

I've also set up a livejournal as zebbiemartin (all one word), so if you're interested, check it out!

Comments, criticism etc eternally appreciated. Be as harsh as you like - it's better for me.

A Confession

I write slightly different, but similar (less funny, mostly?) stuff as Zebbie, because I'm odd enough that the mental separation helps with production (...she says after grinding to a stunning halt on everything).

So if you've liked this stuff and are looking for something else to read, check it out!

Nerves won Best All Round at Sweet Revolution Awards - thank you so much!

Useful Links

Check out the Sweet Revolution Awards , Looking at the Stars , SKoW award sites, who need more publicity, always.

And if you're in the mood for a slash friendly writer's community and forum, visit fatefiction, who got up and running recently.

If you're done scouring for reads and are in need of a recommendations site, The Slash Pile is full of goodies.

GBLT Bookshelf also have many good resources.

And I'm giving a friend of mine a PLUG because he needs some encouragement! Go read about his (dismally slash-free, but amusing) circumnavigation of a crush. And then review him lots. Thanking you!!

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