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"My formula for living is quite simple. I get up in the morning and I go to bed at night. In between, I occupy myself as best I can."
-Cary Grant-

Freelance writer. I write articles for free magazines under various pennames, and live vicariously in a fictional world of my own making. I act both older and younger than I really am. Although I attend a business college in Minnesota, I adore reading and writing about young love in- and outside of high school if only because it all seemed to mean something back then.

And meaning it, means everything, love.

Public Thanks:

To my beta: Goddess-of-souls.
For adding me to her C2 "Catch of the Cliches": writerwithoutacause
For her thorough and constructive criticism: Nicola Guills

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"Don't Be a Bitch, Jay" - to be updated October 5, 2008
"Plans and Pride" - to be updated October 4, 2008

Review Responses & Recommendations
- "Don't Be a Bitch, Jay" -

End-of-forever: She writes a lot of poems, but my favorite is her hilarious story "A Quest Gone Rong." Seriously entertaining.
Willa: Thank you so much! Only my second reviewer and said a few simple words, but they meant so much to me. I hope you are having an exeptionally fabulous day! Lots of love to you.
Kikikins: Haven't read her story, "A Lump of Sugar" yet? Go do it. Now. Fantastically funny fantasy/supernatural story that somewhat parallels Lewis Carrolls "Alice in Wonderland" in character style, but has a totally upside-down plot. The mad-hatter rapist is maddeningly charming.
writerwithoutacause: "Epic." Enough said, right? If not, this is one really amusing story following Sam and Aiden, sworn enemies... I think you know where this is going. An epic tale of hate and something a lot like... well, you know. ;-) If poetry is more your thing, my favorite of hers is "smile like you mean it." Short, but touching.
noodless: More of a reader. Hasn't posted anything yet, but has a great list of favorite stories to browse!
Nicola Guills: "The Immortain" caught my interest immediately. Her summaries are eye-catching, and by the first chapter you're already starting to really feel for her characters. Go read!
AMM3485: Wow! Now this girl knows how to write. Both her stories, "Caught In the Crossfire" and "Letting Loose" are some underrated quality reading material. I honestly cannot choose which story of hers I like better, but a wee little bug in me thinks "LL" may need some more loving. So go show her love!
Crimsom Tears: When I first saw the title "Jellybean Icecream," I'll admit that I was skeptical. Although upon further investigation, I found it to be another fun supernatural/fantasy/romance. What was really interesting is the inner voice of her main character, Seth; he speaks modernly despite being over 100 years old, which is refreshing after reading many vampire fics about vamps that are stuck in the past. I have nothing against being stuck in the past, but this story is interesting. Give it a shot and leave her a shout!
Firestar267: Don't you love these love/hate relationship stories? Don't you love blackmail, or at least reading about it? If you answered yes, go read her story, "Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover. Nicely written with relative characters you'll love to hate, or love to love in Liam's case!
Caitasaurus: Another reader instead of a writer, but that means a fab-o list of Favorite Stories to choose from! And I'll be sure to let you know when she does post something (with all that she reads, she must be great)!
Thatsmyname: Up for a little revenge scheming? Then go read her "My Revenge Against Joe Geller." It'll make you smile!

-"Plans and Pride" -

End-of-forever: Listed above.
writerwithoutacause: Also listed above.
DeceptionIsMySpecialty: Ever been taken hostage? Probably not, but "In Love With A Kidnapper" tells the story. Don't be deceived by the title (pun at your penname intended, lol): this story starts off with a bang and goes uphill from there.
Dot Cubed: Wow. This girl is a marvelous writer. I can't choose between her "Talented at Denial" oneshot or her "Mediation for the Troubled Mind" story as my fav, because both are just great! Go read and see if you can pick between the two! (I'll warn you, it's hard!)


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