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What's there to know?

•Life is full of surprises•

You never know when something will interrupt your perfect life or something amazing will happen

•So live your life like everyday is your last•

three stories...

Lost in My Memories
Sixteen-year old Holly is caring for her twelve-year old sister while her mother is away for business in England. She receives a letter indicating her mother is missing. Shortly after an old friend comes to visit only to disappear after a few days. Suddenly Holly's life spirals. She's loosing some of her closet friends, someone is attempting to wipe out her entire family and to top it off, Holly is home alone with her little sister. Whatever is Holly to do? (completed though it's not very good, :/)

An Ocean of Tears (temporarily on hold)
Becca once had a best friend. She once had someone who would listen to her without complaint. Someone who would study with her; someone who would bake cookies and eat all the cookie dough with her. Becca once had someone that would look out for her. But now after a tragic accident, Becca is forced to face the world all alone. After having someone to help her through her problems and then abandoned, Becca's eyes are really opened to a world full of surprises.

Ivory Keys & Black Notes

Allison Mae Garwood didn't enjoy the company of Adam Robinson due to a confusing past. Avoiding and igorning him was Allison's way of dealing with their current situation. Adam's strategy was finding out every last detail he could his hands on. Enter two family friends, a younger sister and a protective best friend. Allison's problems just got a whole lot more complicated. (updating weekly)