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Wassup people of Earth (or other).

I come from FanFiction.

Name: I'm open for nicknames. Or J shrugs that'll do

Age: between 10 and 16

I like to read, write, mess around and climb on stuff! I also like art. Sketching mostly. I kind of have an outrageous taste, like hot pink suspenders, knee high socks, and crazy colored outfits. Its fun to be a little less pedestrian than everyone else. Other things I like to do are make movies, take pictures, ride my bike, make friends, and dance around for no apparent reason (you should try it!)

When on here, I usually do roleplays because I can never finish a Fiction :'(

Anyway, I love animals and mother earth. Please, if you can, try to recycle more often and use reusable bags, as well as turn off your lights and use flourescent light bulbs. Not only are these things like this helpful to our planet, but they usually end up saving you money, too. Global warming has been going on even before humans existed, but we are only speeding it up with our wasteful life styles. Another fact: Did you know that they found an island made completely out of plastic bags the size of TEXAS in the middle of the Pacific Ocean? Can you imagine how many animals have gotten caught in that trash? I really think more people should think about the rainforest and the other natural habitats we continue to ruin. I'm not trying to make anyone feel guilty, I just wanted someone to take this into consideration.

Blah blah blah blah is probably what you're thinking. Well, I don't blame you!

Tolerating is not completely shunning, but loving is real acceptance.

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