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"You really don't realize exactly how much you have to lose until it's gone. And when it's gone, you hate yourself for never thinking about it that way."

"The days draw by, closer and closer to the day that it will be gone. And once it's finally left you, you find the one, happiest memory in your mind, and you hold on to that, because memories are the only thing you have left."

"It's people like us that are misunderstood for what we do. We read because it's who we are. We read to escape the world around us. To escape and never want to come back. We read, and while we do, we become a new person. We feel what the main character feels. And we understand them for who they are. It's people like us, who are asked why we read, and there is no answer to give. Are there words for the feeling of becoming someone by something as simple as a few paragraphs? There are no words for what we do. Only feelings. And it's only us who will ever understand it."

"The darkest nights of all the nights are the ones where you can see everything."

~A Different Page~

About me:

My name is Mike. I found this website when a few of my friends told me that they were posting stories on this website. At first I ignored them but a while ago, I almost got into a car accident and I watched my Dad risk my brother's life. So my friend told me that my life would make a great story. So that was the inspiration of my first story on this website. I have an older sister, a younger brother, and now a younger half-sister. To know more about me, please see my story, The Fear of Change and though it might be a bit hard to believe; the entire thing is true.


I love to read. Like in the first of the quotes above, when I read, I become another person and I feel what they feel. So I wouldn't be able to live without reading. Another thing that I love is animals. I love cats and I have four of them. I also have three dogs and three lizards too. Taming wild animals has always been an interest to me. And finall, I love to write. Like when I read, I am no longer the same person. And I always have to write and rewrite chapters of stories like 3 times to get them right. I'm also really happy when people write reviews for my stories. I love it when people tell me how my stories are and I am open to criticism so go ahead and tell how I can improve.

Favorite Books:

There are way too many of my favorite books to list here but I'll name a few of them:

Peter and the Starcatchers (series), Redwall (series), Harry Potter (series), Vapire Academy (series), House of Night (series), The Inheritance Cycle, Misery, Inkheart (trilogy), Vampire Diaries (series), Four Past Midnight, Warriors (series), Project ARMS (manga/anime series), Beast Master (manga series), and many many more :D

About my Writing:

The Journal of a 14 Year Old: COMPLETED

This story is being published as it is written, and it's entirely based on true events. I wrote this story, because I wanted to continue with other life changing events that followed with the Fear of Change. It's all explained in the story, I rewrote the Fear of Change in it, I guess. But this is the story of my life, and I would really appreciate reviews.

Life of an Angel:

This one is my first religious story I have ever submitted. It's about a man named Peter who dies and goes to heaven. But he needs to know about his old life. The rule in heaven is that you can ask any question about your life and ask as many questions as you want. But you only get one chance to ask them and you have to decide if you deserve to stay in heaven afterwards. But Peter finds out that he doesn't want to stay in heaven- he wants to go back to earth with his family instead.

The One With the Sight:

This is the first time I have ever tried to write a romance. So if there is something wrong; please bear withme. But with the way that I wrote this, it is also kind of supernatural. This story is about Michael, a person who has the gift of sight. This person can see anyone for who they are. Everyperson around him has a true body, but to obtain ther true body (complete perfection of the soul), a person has to pass through the obstacles holding them in. When he finally starts to help people obtain their true bodies, he meets one person who is trapped by their love for a girl, Adrianna. This complicates things as love is not something you can simply forgot, thus, instead of helping him escape his cage, he must help him to get Adrianna feel the same way.

The Land of Dreams: The Alliance of 5:

This story has been deleted. I had to rewrite it and post it onto a different website called webook.com Here is the URL if anyone wants to read it: I hope you guys enjoy it!

This is my first fantasy story that I have posted on this site and is the beginning of a series of five 12 year olds who find out that there minds have been put together to create a new world that they are meant to rule. And soon, they learn that in this world, because it is created from their own minds, they also have the powers of a god while inside it but if they die without passing their powers down to someone else, the world itself will die with it. And the DRAGON alliance is a group of people who try to get these powers to rule the Land of Dreams from the kids and rule it with misery and agony. This results in a war for the fate of this world that will change the Land of Dreams as they know it.

The Fear of Change: COMPLETED

This story is entirely true. There isn't one lie in it and it is based on my life. It is written in a poetic form but there still is a lot of storyline to it and it shows how fearing change, will change you into the very thing you fear. After a terrible incident on Christmas, the story shows how I changed from a person who didn't vare about what was going on around him, to a person who needed to know. And how maybe I should have never learned what was going on. I hope you guys like the story and I really want people to know that if your parents are divorced, you need to stay strong and learn to live with it. But always know that you are not alone. And please know that you aren't the only one who is going through what you are. Please review my story and tell me what you think of it.

Latest Chapters/Stories:

~The Journal of a 14 Year Old

~ Poem: Torn

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This is my autobiography, told three years from the last one I wrote. Call me Hidden, as the words I write cannot find their way to those who I write of. Everything is different now. The story I thought I knew, the story I told - everything has changed.
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