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Okay this is Randomness is Bliss, if you have been to fanfiction.net, I have an account there too , Now Midnight walker is, like, my bff, so we'll be sharing an account. Normally she puts a cool little MW at the end of story titles or at the end of her post.

@>--Bliss OUT!


Bliss- Creatures of Old, The Deciders, The other Side, Skeleton in the Closet

MidnightWalker- Faire Grimm, Dead Man Walking, The Core, Short Circut, After Humans, Into the Night, Mad Alice

Okay, About Moi!

Age: at least thirteen, duh, i thought y'all were smarter than that!

Name: Ha, ha ha, like i'm really gonna tell you that, for all you know, my name could actually be Bliss! (take THAT stalkers)

Appearance: Chocolate brown hair with honey blonde highlights, slightly chubby, bluish-green eyes, about 5' 3", always wearing jeans and a sweatshirt.

Interests: Reading, writing, drawing, playing sports (soccer, basketball, softball, cheerleading, etc.), and the internet!!

Random things: I totally love english, my favortie color is turquoise, my favorite book series is the Twilight Saga, I love mythbusters, oh and I'm a vampire!!:

MidnightWalker's stuff!

(Bold=Randomness is Bliss's writing--Normal=Midnight Walker's writing)

Haha, live in your dreams Bliss! YOUR NOT A VAMPIRE! Sheesh, you'd think she'd get tired of that someday, wouldn't you? Well, ONTO THE INFORMATION!

AGE: I'm a little less than year older than Bliss, that's as much as I'm saying.

Name: Bug off, stalkers.

Looks: Tall, short brown hair, that's as far as I'm going.

Interests: Acting, watching movies, reading, writeing, drawing, teaching Bliss how to draw, and being an all around nerd.

Wild Card: I'm an aspireing writer, even though I can't spell my way out of a paper bag. My favorite topics to read/write about are Horror, Supernatural, Fantasy, Humor, and Sci-Fi. Don't even TRY to make me write a poem. I'm poem intolerent. That's like lactose intolerent except with poems and not cow juice.

Books, Mangas, Music and Movies I ADORE: For books, I'm currently insane about the Twilight saga, The Vampire Diaries, The Giver, Vampire Acadamy, The Cronicals of Narnia, Percy Jackson and the Olyimpians, and Maximum Ride. I also read the Vampire Knight, Pandora Hearts and Fruits Basket mangas.Hee hee I like all of those too, except I've never read The vampire diaries, The giver and never finished the chronicles of narnia. I also like Death Note for mangas

Music? Don't get me started, just to name a few there is Paramore, Superchick, Kansas, Oingo Boingo, The Doors, Led Zepplin and any soundtrack of a movie I like.Def Leppard, Jouney,Loverboy, Kansas, anything eighties really, my bro is really into it, i love paramore, taylor swift and anything that has a good beat

Movies: Pirates of the Carribean (Do you say it Care-i-be-an, or Car-ribian?) Timeline, Phantom of the Opera, Nightmare Before Cristmas, The Simpsons Movie, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Lord of the Rings, Close Encounters of a third Kind, and National Treasure.

Find me at...:

Youtube: TheFlameingBurito

Fanfiction.net: RandomnessisBliss OR LatestFromTheAsylum

WARNING: In these next two paragraphs, I will be reveiwing the Movie Twilight. No spoilers, but if you don't like the series and you're only reading this to flame me, I'll just warn you ahead of time that this is my veiw, and nothing is going to change it.

Latest addition to my favorites list is TWILIGHT. On opening day, my friends and I went and waited outside the theater in -0 degree tempratures for fourty minutes, then paraded through the front doors, bought twenty bucks worth of popcorn, soda pop, and sweets and handed in out pre-ordered tickets to sit down in the theater for another fourty minutes. By the time we finally saw it, we had been waiting in and around the theater for and hour and a half.

It was toatally worth the wait. Twilight had to be one of the most faithful to-the-book novel-based movies I have ever seen. Sure, the special effects wheren't Speilburg material, but that's only to expect when the movie was running on a low budget. But they took what they had and ran with it. Taking the perfect mix of actors, spectacular cinimatography (excuse the spelling error) and witty diolouge sucked you right into the loved world Mrs. Meyer had origanally created in the novel. But not only had it include all the romance and action the was found in the book, I was delightfully surprised to see that they had even preserved the humor also. Mike, Charlie and Emmett had me laughing my butt off along with the rest of the theater along the story. And trust me, it takes a LOT for me to laugh at somthing on a screen. Worth the wait, worth the ticket, worth the hype. All my worries vanished within the first scene, and I think this is an outstanding example for novel-to-movie adaptions all over. Great job, Summit Entertainment, Great job. EEEEEEePPPPP I LOVE ROB PATTINSON!! Screw the special effects (not literally) god! What i would kill to be in kristin stewart's shoes!


TL: Oh yeah? Well my imaginary Mr. sexy football Man boyfriend is soooo much hotter than your imaginary boyfriend Archebald, or your imaginary Gina Pig soul that stalks you!

TL: Holy Crap. Suddenly everything I hear people say sounds perverted.

Me: The P.E teacher said he was going to play music over the loud speakers to 'get us into the mood.' Should we be scared?

Bond: No, just as long as the song's not gay.

Me: It's from his i-pod

Bond: Crap.

Me: Life is like a rollercoaster... you might die.


Me: The wonders of elgoog is further than you can ever imagine, so much so only my superior intellect can comprehend it.

Me: Greeeeaaat. We're stuck in front of an old Valentinos, in a dark parking lot, filled with creepers, at night, being harrassed by little people.

BAM: Just don't get into that van with the strange man who offered you candy.

Me: Don't worry. I learned from last time!

BAM: You remember? Well, last time wasn't fun, was it?

Me: No, it wasn't. He didn't even give me candy! He just tied me up and started yelling about how he would kill me if my parents didn't pay him.

BAM: And tell the nice people what happened next.

Me: Yeah, and then super man came and saved me. Wait. It wasn't super man, it was Michal Jackson, and then everything got a whole lot worse.

Mr. C: Why do I keep hearing voices?!

Me: The cannibal has left the building. I repeate, the cannibal has left the building.

Trumpet Player: "We're pathetic"

Band Teacher: "Say that one more time and I'll shove you into your mouth piece"

Trupet Player: "I could sue you for that"

Band Teacher: "Not from inside your mouth piece you can't."

Art Teacher: Anyone who is missing their balls, please come up to the front of the classroom.

Me: "How mommies and daddies make babies"?! What kind of children's magizine has that as a heading?!

Guy: DON'T LOOK AT THAT! You're too young!

Drum Player: Um, what does 'Play Chimes randomly ala churchbells', mean?

Band Teacher: Oi. Okay, what does 'randomly' mean.

Drum Player: Uh, in no paticular order?

Band Teacher: Good. Now what do church bells sound like?

Drum Player: I don't know.

Band Teacher: You don't know?

Drum Player: I don't go to church- I'm Jewish.

Bliss: Yeah, those people over who are in the judging pannel over at that writing contest we entered are probably thinking I'm some sort of deranged emopath.

Me: Seeing as your story's all about a psyco killer who thinks he's the grim reaper and slashs little girls throats out... yeah. They'll be in for a shock when they meet you. I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't bring gaurd dogs to defend themselves.

Bliss: Yeah, and when they see me, skipping in wearing pink and make-up talking about bunnies... your right. They'll be in for a HUGE shock.

Bliss's Quotes:

Brianna: "wow, this band- aid is really sticky!"

Brianna: "Ish rhymes with fish!"

Mr. Himan: "Na na na na na! I'm drinkin' your tea!"

Me (Bliss): "emo buddy, i lurrrrrve you!"

Me (Bliss): "My favorite part is 'her head rolled to rest at the base of a tree, her sightless eyes staring at me, oh look! a bunny!"

India (Red Moon at Sharpsburg): "Supposing this, when science commences to hurt my mind, I'll scream and we can go back to the godly river."

My older brother: "If I grow my hair out, will I have hagrid hair like Bliss?"

Get Smart- The Nude bomb-

Norm: Your a strange man Mr. Smart.

Smart: I'm strange? Listen fella, anyone who runs around with pantihoes on their head while plotting to set bombs off that will make the whole world nude is strange! Admit it Norm, your playing with just a few cards short of a deck.

Norm: Your constant chiding is starting to strain my patience Mr. Smart.

Smart: Can you repeat that again except in a way we can all understand it?

Norm: Your really pissing me off.

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