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Hey! Hopefully you've read a story of mine, or maybe a poem?

Either way, thanks for checking out my profile page!

So...yeah... haha! Oh! I wanted to give a few explanations for a some of the stories I have come up with so far.

For the story the Game: I originally got the idea when my younger brother and I got into an intense nerf gun fight. I started thinking that it would be actually fun to have my high school friends all shooting at each other. Of course, that led to wishing the experience would be a bit more real and...there you have it.

For the story Our Vampire Story: I sorta explained on the summary, I probably am one of the few guys to have read the entire twilight series. Call it gay, call it girly, it doesn't change the fact that it would have been stupid of me to ignore such a famous book if I would like to become an author at some point someday. Besides, now I can argue about the books with my girlfriend.

For the story Crush to Crushed: This was...pretty much a true story. I made only a few adjustments. My grandma really isn't that rich. But the romance, the conversations, that all holds true. I just wanted you to know that, just in case it sounded too much like real life. Cause it is. :P

Well...I think that's all I have to comment on. The poetry packet is my first I've put on fictionpress. I've been doing poetry for years, mostly cause the chicks dig it, but still, it is nice to sit down at my computer before I go to bed and turn whatever I'm thinking into a poem. I hope you like them!

There. Now thats all I have to say about the things I've published. Other than that, I have to admit, I try to post as often as possible, but its getting difficult to write now. Between working on my dirt bike, racing, and surfing, I'm a little stretched for time. But don't worry, I've been able to post consistantly. So if you like my writing, awsome! Write me a few reviews if you don't mind! I need to know how I'm doing! If you don't like my writing...why are you reading all this? :P I wouldn't mind some critisism either. You don't agree with one of my lines in a poem, or think I just suck at writing, let me know!

Thats it for now, but please, review some stuff! I'm totally open to suggestions for anything! Tell me what you think I should do next in a story if you want! Heck, if I think it's a good idea I'll probably give you credit for that chapter. Lemme know how I can be better! Thanks!

And I think it goes without saying PLEEEEEASE REVIEW!!