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Greetings, I am E. Momentum. The actually name is Eternal Momentum, why did I not write it in like that..well because I did not choose to. I was referred to this website by a great friend of mines, or to be more appropriate her name on her is K.J.DarKnight. The only few things I can say about myself really is that I enjoy roleplaying, I enjoy it with a passion. I am not the best roleplayer around, I am nowhere near being the most detailed person either. In fact, I can never be really detailed, just detailed enough for people to understand what I write. I was and still an on Gaiaonline, but now that I found a place were roleplaying is possible and available, I think this may be a new and fun experience for me.

As for the roleplaying, take it easy on me. Its hard for me to catch up sometimes and its hard for me to notice important details in a story or forum. But otherwise, I can say I am a pretty decent roleplayer, maybe a noob to this website, but not to roleplaying.

I am writing a story but I have not worked on it much, have to get that old writing spirit back. I will start writing some more again but now I might have to re-write several words, sentences, or even an entire event. I enjoy editing things within a story or even adding and causing events to occur, its just a minor talent I have. I developed this plot or editing thing on Gaiaonline because would get bored of nothing happening, and suddenly I make things happen to keep the fun factor up. Well enough about the roleplaying thing, I can go on and on and bored anyone to death, but to sum it all up, I just like roleplaying. In the story anyways, I will post the first chapter and prologue...if I know how, and show you what I have done so far. If anyone who is reading this or made it this far (just a joke), and does read the story when I put it up, feel free to give me some suggestions or advice on how I can improve the story. And please do not say be more descriptive, I know thats one thing I have to improve on. So this is pretty much all I can tell you, as for personal things or a background, I cannot tell that here.