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Just so you no im not from the UNIGHTED ARAB EMIRATES! ...the thingy up there is lying to you...dont fall for its evil trick! :P

Love to read and write, but i have a terrible habbit of not finishing what i write, or coming up with amazing insperation and then it turns out to be total pants when i put pen to paper. Because i am the ultimate procrastonator!! oh yessss!!

I have a new ipod so 120 GB of insperation is flowing into action whoopiee!!

Name: "The names..bond...not james...just bond..."

Gender: i am a wearer of dresses and skirts ( yes that does mean female!!)

Age: Of the GCSE =( (for the non-british, this means 16)

Nationality: The Land of Shortbread, cold weather, awesome accents and whisky oh yeaahhh and Haggis!!

thts it reli =S I am me thts all you need to no from this profile...:P

I apologise for spelling mistakes and what not...hope you like.

xo R and R!


1.) look, i am not american, im british meaning yes i will use scottish and english accents in my work even if "you" do not think it is grammatically correct, its called artistic lisence! so if you are going to comment on my stories about how annoying it is or that you cant understand it, well im very sorry but i wont change it!!

2.) Please do not leave a comment on my spelling and grammar i have a mother and teachers to do that for me, i write stories for you to enjoy not judge with your dictionaries okay?!

3.) I accept constructive critasism and i can take it aswell, but please do not be mean or i will report abuse, likewise you would do for me :)

Ok , so Maxines, Arabian Nights has kinda gone of my mind at the moment because i skipped a few chapters to form the plot and eventually lost all interest, hopefully will update soon.

Uhhhh...coming soon

The Fall of a Fallen

chapter2-5 will go up now im finished exams!

about a fallen angel...cant say much more as my plot evolves on split-second decisions.

Ellen xx

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