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My name is Jennifer

I want to be a published author and so desire any and all feedback on my stories I can get. I have started seventeen different stories to date, but only finished three of them. One, the first book I ever wrote, I am currently editing for self publishing. I chose this rout for Dracorns becuase I don't believe a traditional publisher would want it. It is too odd and doesn't fit nicely into a niche. However, The Great Peace is one I want to get traditionally published and I will pursue that goal.

Oh yeah, about me: I am twenty years old, and live on a horse stable. Since I've lived with horses all my life I know quite alot about them and use that knowledge in my stories. I work as a horseback riding instructor to little kids and even a few adults. I also train horses. My specialty is horses with bad habits. I have the most spoiled little kitty. I love my black cat. Her name is Rosy and she was my tenth B-day present. I spoil her rotten.

I enjoy collecting and watching anime and manga. I also enjoy books, though prefer the kids section due to safety. Safety being the absence of hte F word. I do not like bad language, and so none will ever appear in my stories. If a book has the F word in it I put it down immediately and either give it away as a gift or get rid of it. That's just the way I am, and I don't intend to change. Ironically, I am not bothered by "Fan service" or gore. Though I don't put these things in my own writing.

Fantasy is my favorite setting, and all my stories are fiction in one way or another. One of them is shaping up to be a mystery though, which it is doing on its own. I don't havce much control over my stories. The charecters kind of take over. However, I have one I am still in complete control of. It is called Wikanse, and I haven't posted that one yet. It is my favorite series so far though, and I'm having alot of fun writing it.

One other thing about my stories. Since I write many of them simultaniously, the charecters travel to each others worlds. It is alot of fun. Especially seeing how the charecters react to one another. So if you ever come across a charecter who came out of nowhere, you know know how they got there. These charecters are fairly obvious as not belonging in the world they find themselves in.

Please review my stories if you read them. It doesn't have to be a long one, just let me know what you thought. I really appreciate any feedback I am fortunate enough to recieve.

Below are summaries to the stories I have posted. These are my imitation on what you might find on the back of a book. I hope they interest a few people and get them to check out(and possibly review) a few of my stories. I will be adding more summaries as I finish them.

SSPCA (Spirit Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals):


When Sampson was left to starve, he figured that was the end. Fate, however, had a different path in mind. Soon after his passing Sampson’s soul is picked up by David, who himself was a victim of cruelty and abuse. Bound for the Spirit Society, Sampson soon finds himself on the frontlines of the fight against animal cruelty.

His task is of a different sort, however, than the SPCA’s he fights alongside. Unknown to any living soul, Sampson and David attempt to educate and influence the minds of humans. Using one of two methods, Team 20 can create a dream or a physical display to get their point across. If it fails, their standing drops and they could be separated forever.

Unwilling to let his new partner suffer again, Sampson throws himself into his work. But with dealings in the shadows, can the Spirit Society be trusted? What secrets do they hide behind shinny white walls? And why was David’s first partner sent Beyond? Too many questions need answers, but will David and Sampson discover the courage to find them? And most importantly: will they complete all their missions to prevent animal cruelty, or fail and be dragged apart?



My name is Vixie. I had just begun life when a monster took it away. Finding myself in a strange new valley along with my friend Tallo, we decide to escape the fate fast aproaching us. Little do we know that escaping the valley no one is meant to escape will deliver us into greater danger than ever before. And destiny will be set in motion, For it is my destiny to destroy all the valleys protecting an evil witch hiding in the center.

A destiny I can't change and don't understand is thrust upon me. To keep my soul and free our valleys from the witches control, Tallo and I embark on a journey filled with pain and fear. And all the time questions keep nagging at me. What are we doing this for? Why were we selected for this destiny? Why is the witch evil? And why do the unicorns of my birth valley turn into dragons at night? I don't understand a thing. All I know for sure is that my death wasn't the end for me. It was the beginning of a long and dangerous journey.


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A Wikanse is a weapon created by demons from another world. Once human, these living weapons are trained to extreems and follow any order given to them. Now the strongest Wikanse of all has gone missing, and the Universe will never be the same.
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