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Hello. Some of you may recognize me from fanfiction if you post on that site. If we normally talk on there feel free to PM me. Especially if we conversed regularly and you're under a different name. Well, even if you don't recognize me feel free to PM me. I'm never against meeting new people. If you like talking to random people off of fictionpress, my AIM name is wingedwolf531. Feel free to talk to me, just make sure you let me know who you are.

I want to get something published someday. That is ultimately my goal. I will be the first to admit that I sequester myself in my room among my many notebooks and write in my spare time. It's impossible to look through my room without finding a story. I simply ran out of room to shove them all. Still, I'll make even more new stories for this site, so updates may be slightly slow with school. Please feel free to both compliment and criticize me. I want to grow as a writer. Any comments that anyone can offer I will gladly accept and attempt to incorporate in my works. And I will review for anyone who reviews for me.

(Yeah, this was under my other profile as well.)

Random muses for the deeper mind-

1) If mankind failed to exist as a whole, would it really matter granted that there would be nothing left to care? Especially considering that we destroy more of the planet than we save.

2) Should recycling really be considered saving the earth? To save something, you rescue it. We create the garbage, so isn't "saving" really an overglorified way of saying some of us clean up after ourselves and others don't?

3) Perfection: Goal or paradox? To be perfect is to possess no flaws. To possess no flaws would make one stand out from the crowd. To stand out is to enevitably be disliked. To be disliked is to possess qualities that others find undesirable. To be undesirable is to be imperfect. Thus, perfection is imperfection in itself. Truth of perfection: It is a state of mind. Perfection belongs to its own.

4) Fur coats. Anyone who has owned an animal has realized that you get so much fur if you leave the animal alive! And it would be better for publicity. Why kill it when you get more from the better angle? Well, you can't expect these beauty queens to actually be able to do business I suppose.

5) If the base of logic is math and science, and math is seldomly fully understood by its creator man, then wouldn't math actually be an illogical logic?

Random muses for the simple mind-

1) What if chewing tin foil really does kill brain cells...How many of you are now going to chew tin foil the next time you're holding some just because I mentioned it?

2) If fish are brainfood then why are they so dang easy to catch?

3) If Trix are for kids, why are we buying them as teenagers? I do believe that is false advertising.

4) If math and science are logic, why can our teachers not comprehend why we just don't care?

5)Expensive=high quality, right? What if it isn't shiny? Then is it really that valuable? Not really. Think about it.

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