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Right. Profile crap... Uhh... Name's Rachael. If you haven't guessed (or guessed, but guessed incorrectly because names can be misleading. Like Ashley, which is a unisex name so technically guys can be Ashleys too, but let's be honest. Ashley's a girl name, but I digress.) I'm a girl. I have two cat- pardon me. I have two supreme overlords who like catnip and have a strange obsession with laser pointers plus like tummy rubs every now and then. I have a tendency to ramble and digress from subjects, don't mind me. I'm a third generation sci-fi super nerd. I have opinions. My opinions are strong. They can kick your opinion's ass. But I'm super nice person (no, really I am) so my opinion will kick your opinion's ass gently. And then my opinion might give your opinion an apology for kicking its ass. Because I'm just like that.

I used to have loads of crappy teen stories up. Now I have less crappy teen stories up which have slightly better content in them. (This is a lie. I think my stories now are tons better. But saying that sounds conceited, don't you think?) The first is a supernatural fiction done classical style. Werewolves, vampires, angels, devils, the battle of good and evil. All the good stuff. The second is just about a guy named Sam trying to break even in the fixed russian roulette game that is life.

Both have main characters that are homosexual. Why? Because I'm sick of the girl always getting the guy. Did anyone stop and ask the guy about this? Maybe he wanted the girl's best friend who just so happened to be a guy too. Maybe Ron wanted to be with Harry. Maybe Prince Charming had a male lover that he wanted to marry instead of Cinderella. Hell, maybe, just maybe Edward wanted Jacob but Bella was option number two and he was pressured by family, friends, and society in general. For God's sake, the man sparkled like a Go-Go dancer at a gay night club! And no straight man is shirtless that much! Sorry. Rambling. Anyway... Enjoy.

If you want stories with better content, plot, setting, ect. my shameless are what you need. There is some adult content so if you're underage... just don't get caught. If you do, you didn't get these links from me.


Wow, this is really late, and still no chapter 8 (that rhymed... huh). You know what sucks? Having loads of 'small' free time (ten minutes here, five minutes there) but not any actual free time to sit down and write something! I've been writing of course, but I hate having to write in short bursts. It almost always gives me writers block, where I have to take a step back from the story for a day or two and think things over. Hopefully things will change, because I'd like to tell you guys what happens next!


I have absolute zero help with this writing process. No one in my life on or off the interwebs sees the "in progress" stuff before it goes up here, and only here as far as my knowledge goes, for various reasons that are none of my own doing. Some more personal than others. The point is "I NEEDS TAH HALP!" So, it'd be nice to get some comments/questions/concerns from any and all (I'm talking to you, lurkers!) to help me write better and to help you read the best stuff possible. Really, it's a win/win situation. The point is, I need some critique, guys/gals/inbetweeners. Tell me what you like, what you think could be better, or is utter crap. Help me help you by telling me what I need to fix. I'm talking about things as little as spelling mistakes to huge gaping plot holes. And I always try to write back to every review sent my way. It makes my happy to sit down and write something back to you guys.

So, let's start a dialogue!


(I'm a huge nerd when it comes to things like web comics and reading communities. Most things are slash, some are not.)

The Slash Pile

A fantastic place for high quality writings recommended by readers like you! For slash readers, such as myself, it's a way to read the things you like without wading through loads of horrid writing. And it's ALL slash. They have hundreds of stories archived but if you don't find anything that pushes your happy button, you can post a request of anything. (Yes, I do mean ANYTHING.) Odds are you'd get a speedy response by any of the many helpful community members listing stories that fit your fancy.

Shoustsu Bang*Bang Webpage LiveJournal

This is a recent discovery of mine. It's an online magazine that's full of lovely one-shots and art. They have monthly issues, each with different themes. ALL SLASH. I'm not going to lie. I love this thing. There's so many great and talented writers and artists for this thing, it's like being a kid in a candy store. Just pick and lick. :) There are two links I'm putting up. One is to the webpage were you can read all the pretty stories. LJ is just like the website... with a backstage pass into awesome. Join in conversations with the authors and editors. Or, even better, become a lovely author/artist for them! Oh, and if you're in to the girl/girl action, S2B2 has special issues full of yuri goodness. Check those out too, because they're awesome. WARNING: That's right people. Very few of my shameless ads will have them, but this one has it. Very few of these stories are safe for work! Some of these stories are down right kinky. But if you're at home and wanting something with a little spice, go read!

The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal

Two dudes. Oldies hits. Weed. Road trip. Love? Is there really anything more for me to say? This is a great web comic and the woman who draws it... I bow to her. Just... go read it. It's too good for words.


This one is a new comic that I found a few weeks ago. It's brilliant. The art is cool and the coloring, or rather the selectiveness of it, is interesting. The characters are snarky and wonderful. Seriously, who doesn't love hot shape-shifting dragons and a cute, moody scientist that doubles as a phoenix? Evil people, that's who.

Cheap Thrills

This isn't slash. Wait! Hear me out! Don't dismiss this just because there isn't any slash action. What do you get when you cross animal people, gritty uncut life, sense of humor sharp enough to cut deep, and a wicked good artist? Now you're interested, aren't you? Don't deny it, just click the link. You know you want to.

Happy reading readers!

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