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Author has written 7 stories for Fantasy, Song, Fantasy, and Sci-Fi.

My name is Nvy and i am currently 25 yrs old. I am currently getting back into writing stories. Along with poems/song lyrics.

On that note please just keep reviewing and reading. I promise not to disappoint.

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Immortal: Sinful Love (In Progress)

Sinful Love is the beginning of a long list of books in a series that I have begun. It is basically about a vampire band of brothers fighting a war against an evil force called the Makers who were once human but turned to magic and science to turn themselves immortal so they can continue hunting vampires. The band of brothers is basically a strong group of purebred immortal vampires who are led by their very young king who doesn't really want to rule but he does it because if he doesn't then who will. His name is Sihn by the way. The book is basically about him and a young half immortal vampire girl named Mariana who works alongside the brothers. She is more carefree and doesn't like to be held down until she meets Sihn who refuses to let her out of his sight once he realizes what she is.

The Curious Case of Alice B. Rabbit (In Progress)

The idea of The Curious Case of Alice B. Rabbit is like many others my rendition of Alice in Wonderland. But of course each person tells it differently. I decided to put my own spin on to it. This is all from her Doctors point of view. She is basically telling how Alice came into her care and the things that Alice is seeing that no one else can because they lack the imagination and the gift of the sight that Alice has. So everyone just thinks she is insane and lock her up. Of course this is just a first book. If i manage to finish this one i will make more all from Alice's point of view.

Moonlight Monster (In progress)

So i am a big vampire fan but i hardly ever see werewolf stories where the werewolf is in the leading role. So i decided to go out of my comfort zone with this one. Which is probably why it is taking me so long to finish haha. Umm with this i wanted to make it to where the main character Sera Riddon finds herself somehow taking care of a strange man when he comes stumbling into her at night covered in blood and wounds. From there what she thought was just some weird man takes her on an adventure into the wolf pack of her home city and a war that may cost her, her own life in the end.

The Devil's Daughter (In Progress)

The Devil's Daughter is as the title says about the devil's daughter. Everyone know's how the devil was cast out of heaven and sent to rule over the underworld. Everyone except his own daughter. Reila Nightstorm, once hitting her 18th birthday and on her way to graduating high school is suddenly tossed into the underworld when her mother is murdered before her eyes and told that she must rule the underworld and find her missing father who just so happens to have vanished. What's a girl to do? As if high school wasn't hard enough. ( I know this is a bad summary but its still a work in the making)

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Desert Princess by WritersRule reviews
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Immortal: Sinful Love reviews
Marianna has spent all her life trying to keep her secret of being the daughter of a pure-blood vampire a secret! Though working for the society hasn't made it easy she has done well so far, until the king of the vampires discovers who she really is and makes it his job to try and "tame her". As if she would let that happen, until he marks her!
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Moonlight Monster
Sera Ridon is just trying to live a normal college life, but things take a different turn when she is left with no choice but to bring a wounded stranger home to treat his wounds. What happens next after their faithful meeting leaves her tossed into a world where the pack means everything and humans with guns are your worse enemy.
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The Curious Case of Alice B Rabbit
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