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I'm really starting to think that i am a reader and not a writer. It's half way through the summer and what have i written? nothing? so just as a note, when i say that I'm going to be writing something it probably means never. I mean do you know how hard it is to write down an interesting introduction? I've been trying for ages ( well okay only a sixteenth of the time but still..) and not one single thing pops. So i try writing from the middle and then i just get to lazy. yup, that's me. the laziest writer in the history (if i'm even allowed to be called a writer). I swear i do not know how authors deal with deadlines, ugh!

Anyways... since my failure is not my favourite subject i'll tell you about my success. wait... i don't have any. oh well. but let me give a hand out to those very successful writers and their wonderful books out there! have any one of you guys read Swoon by Nina Malkin? Talk about addictive. Plus there are a lot of other books out there like Vamped by Lucienne Diver and You Are SO Undead To Me by Stacey Jay. and i can't wait for Blood Promise by Richelle Mead! byt hey there are some really awesome writers here like the Kiss of Twilight series by Ranting FOrever n Rambling On. plus some other cool stories but i'm too lazy to write them down as previously mentioned so just check out my favorite list.

Well anyways, i think i've already said too much, and i'm still going to try with the writing thing ( that is no promise so you can't hold me responsible for anything!) so that's all. Besides i think we have already established that i am a very lazy person ( is there some kind of disease for that? well, okay it's not that extreme, i mean i'm not some fat lazy couch potato or something but writing is hard!) so i'm out!


Venomous Vengeance

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A looming death with harsh consequences confuses the victim into thinking that the punishments are the same.
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Forever Fifteen
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..."You can't just make her forget."... Jasper would have been proud... "Excuse me?" I said hands on my hips... He was beautiful. Even more handsome than Alexander... "He loves blondes!"... The 100 year old man blinked... yeah, my life is a riot!
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