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About me, eh?

I'm just an ol' girl enjoying making the crazy thoughts in my head come out on paper. Or a computer screen. Whichever.

So yeah, I pretty much just write all Slash. Why? Because I find it more entertaining than uh...non-Slash.

Coffee seems to be everywhere in my stories. It haunts me, really. Greyson and Lucian, and Joss and Quinn all met through coffee. Ahh, it brings people together. Hah.


Breaking Greyson: Mkay, this story is about the somewhat socially inept Greyson and the shy, but social Lucian. The two meet in a rather embarassing way which ending with Lucian successfully stealing Greyson's heart. Greyson may have found love but he still has his toad of a mother to deal with. He desperately wants to be accpeted by her and be able to be with the one he chooses. Sounds sort of cliche, and it probably is... Contains Male on Male action, some swearing, a cranky main character, a hyper little brother and a frosty mother.

High School Drama: I wrote this little oneshot, most likely while I was in class. It's basically about a bratty high school kid, Caden bossing his older boyfriend, Dominic around because Dominic was late to pick him up. Or something along those lines. The story is self explanatory. Slash.

Flutter: Poor Blaise is having a crisis. He's not attracted to his girlfriend anymore. Oh no! What shall he do? Well, go for a walk during Christmas shopping, of course. There is one thing that will stop all his problems with his girlfriend but Blaise just isn't ready to admit that to himself. That is, until he meets Dallas. Flutter is also my first attempt at being serious. Slash.

Two Men and a Toddler: Enter Jocelyn, Teagan and Quinn! Jocelyn (yes, he's a man) prefers to be called Joss, has just moved to a new city with his three year old daughter, Teagan. He doesn't know anyone or what the city is like until, on his first day he takes Teagan to a park and ends up catching the eye of Quinn. Quinn runs a house affectionately called The Exchange Student House. Joss must wrestle with his insecurities caused by Teagan's mother abandoning them AND understand his growing attraction to Quinn. Two Men and a Toddler is actually in the process of be rewritten. The original story was totally straight. It's Slash but not quite all at the same time. It'll be Slash once Joss accepts he's gay.

Love is Blind: Neely's blind but Reid doesn't care. They've been friends their whole lives. Neely went blind when he was nine, after a car accident screwed his head. This story, in terms of structure, is similar to The Adventures of Kira and Piers. There is no real plot but glimpses into their lives. It's full of Slash and angst.

Rowan Takes a Survey: Kind of self explanatory. Anyway, Rowan is asked to do a survey about his sex life. Then his boyfriend, Amon shows up just as he's finishing it. Slash. (It seems to be missing. I attempted to fix it...and now it's gone O_O )

The Adventures of Kira and Piers: Uh, the title says it all. I pretty much write about these two fellows when I can't think of anything else. It's wonderful snippets into their love life (err, more like sex life) and anything that goes on around them. Kira and Piers are very stereotypical but I still love them. It's Slashy goodness.

Finding Family: I watch far too much John and Kate Plus 8 than should be allowed. After watching like, a marathon a story idea popped into my head. That night I started writing a story about Emery and Flynn. Emery lives in a family of ten while Flynn is an only child. Watch what happens when Emery convinces his boyfriend to join his family for Christmas. It's more fun than my summary says, promise. I'm also not sure why I picked Christmas either but oh well. It's Slash, by the way. It's a freakin' long oneshot.

Coming soon...

Masculine Beauty: Can anyone say mega age gap? d'Arcy, an Art College student is working on his final project. He wants to show that men can be beautiful. d'Arcy goes about making collections of four Masculine Beauties from the major age groups. His only problem is that he doesn't know any gorgeous teenage boys. His friend Roman comes to the rescue with the brilliant idea of putting out an ad. Thus, d'Arcy meets 15 year old Kip. Kip's quite the pretty boy and has been selected for d'Arcy's newest model. Anyway, and yes, it will be Slash. Slow to update.

Mending: Here's another one of my writing a two year old story by memory experiment. It's all about mending poor Jackson's heart. His long time lover dies in a car accident and years later Jackson manages to get himself into a sexual business arrangement with Aiden. It's a complete oneshot but I have to tweak the format some. Oh, and it's slash.

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