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Yeah, I'm Princess of Morum, aka Sophia. Sophia is not my real name, just a character of mine.

Anyhoo, I love fiction and fantasy, pretty much anything with a good story line and/or an adventure.
I write a lot better when I'm not using facts. The thing is, when I try to write, say for school, my brain dies on me and it feels like I've forgotten the alphabet. But when I'm writing fantasy, something that I'm just making up and not using total facts, I feel much more comfortable and the piece tends to turn out much better. Oddly enough, I can write fanfiction just fine... XD
Speaking of which, I do have a account (AsHmEsK) but before I could upload any of my fanfictions (Penguins of Madagascar and Professor Layton), my computer started blocking, so... for the time being, no fanfictions from me :/

Either way, writing is one of my favorite things to do, right behind reading fiction... well, before I go off on a whole other subject that has nothing to do with my bio, I should just give you a couple of basics:


Okay, what cruel parents would name thier son Sarah? Seriously, though, I really don't see what the need for a "gender" section of my bio. Waist of space, no? Moving on.

Umm... Narnia (yeah, I wish)
Okay, somewhere in these beautiful, nifty-fifty States of America. Go ahead. Figure out which one.

And you know what? What biggie does it make to put how old I am on I didn't mention my last name and I did not dirrectly say my place of location.

Favorite place:
I guess Duluth, MN
It's where my birth happened~!
(and no, I don't live in MN anymore. I was only in the North Star State for about two weeks, lol.)

Places I Want to Go:
England and Japan

Favorite Books:
The Bible, The Chronicles of Narnia, King of Shadows, East, The Journey to the Centre of the Earth, the Mysterious Benedict Society trilogy, the Inkheart Trilogy, and the Princess Bride. Why yes, I am a bookworm! :'D

That's all for now folks!

Side-note thingy:
I just wanted to say thanks for the two awesome reviews I got for the Other Side of the Mirror. They really helped when I took them into consideration! I posted that story, like, a year ago. And now, after muchediting, I think I'll repost it. So yeah. Just in case anyone wanted to know. Probably not. But that's okay.


And now that it's posted, I invite you all to read the newsparkly pretty version. I'm just gonna keep the old one on for you people to... I don't know, compare and contrast my new work with that of my old...? And if you're really bored, perhaps you can make a Ven Diagram to go with it! :D

Never mind. Anyway, reviews on both are welcomed with open arms, though reviews on the new one are especially helpful and loved!

Rather Long A/N for Chapter One of the New Side of the Mirror:
And just so you people know, this is what the New Other Side of the Mirrorused to say as the summary: "Clara stood in front of the mirror, but very much to her surprise, in the mirror was not her reflection. There in the mirror stood a beautiful, golden haired ." Srly.

And this - oho this - is what I want it to say: "Clara stood in front of the mirror, but very much to her surprise, in the mirror was not her reflection. In the mirror stood a beautiful, golden haired . Out of shock, Clara’s hand involuntarily flew to her mouth. So did the in the mirror.

The latter is much better, right? RIGHT. So, which do you think I'd rather have up as my summary. The last one - ding ding ding! But lo, I cannot get it to be as such, and for whatever reason, bipolar is begrudgingly making it so the deformed, misshapen summary has the upper hand. And what's more, when I put in, "Please see the bottom of my profile" it accepted that! So I suppose I'm stuck with that for now.

Just saying that this should not be so, all for the sake of people continuing to believe that I am not quite an incompetent little author who cannot even make a good précis as I might otherwise seem to be. So yeah, now go read my story please. Just scroll down a little, and you're there! Thankyou-thankyou! Oh yeah, and I wouldhave posted this at the very beginning of Chapter One - like any respectable author's note on an explanation of the mutilated summary - but wouldn't even let me add thatin! So, I just had to put it here. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Another A/N!

I'm thinking about making a new account soon... maybe even today (2-21-10). Again, it's kinda for the sake of my story "The Other Sie of the Mirror" and for the sake of my sainity. I just need a fresh start on this site! So anyway, if I do make a new account, I'll post about it in a A/N in the next chapter I upload (since forbids chapters that just have an author's note). More to come!

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