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Hello to all. My name is Jenny an aspiring 17 year old writer/actress/animator. I love many things and enjoy, and notice, all the lighter and darker moments in life. In public I may seem a quiet or apathetic person, but truly I am quite emotional and energetic, and love to have fun.

Anyway, I'm here because one of the things I want to be is a writer, and I thought maybe this site could help me to improve. If you want to talk to me, be it about something personal or my writing, send me a message. I'll get to it when I can.

My favorite things to write are things usally of forbidden or darker nature. Usaully subjects such as the paranormal, the psycological state, or forbidden love will show up in my works. If any of these things bother you I advise ignoring them. I am an extreamly openminded person and I 'will' write what I think and what I want to, without restriction. That is what, I believe, makes a true writer.

In case you're interested 20 random facts about me:

1.) I love anime. I can't stress this enough. I'm a major otaku(anime/manga nerd). I have tons of manga and I'll buy any anime dvd I can get my hands on. (My favorite anime is Death Note.)
2.) My favorite book and movie is Harry Potter and my favorite character is Draco Malfoy. (His character is just so misunderstood I can't help but love him.
3.) I have a weird 'salt and vinagar' chip obsession and drink almost nothing but Coke.
4.) I love yaoi!(gay boyXboy love). It's very cute and the whole forbidden love thing really attracts me.
5.) I have a different favorite color everyday because I can't seem to choose just one.
6.) I think make-up is evil.
7.) I think dolls and clowns are even evilier.
8.) I love high and tight dark spaces.
9.) I hate cheese on anything but pizza. (weird I know. -_-)
10.) Sometimes I wish I lived in Japan.
11.) I love to perform a psycological analysis on people.
12.) I put keychains on everything.
13.) I'm not one for sports but do enjoy a simple game of tennis.
14.) I hate sterotypes but if I had to label myself I would probably be some weird cross between emo/punk/nerd. I mostly dress punkish.
15.) I sometimes wish my name was Giselle.
17.) I hate expensive jelwry and I'll never understand spending more than $100 on any form of it.
18.) I love to stand out but hate attention. I haven't completly figured this one out yet but despite not caring what people think me I have horrible stage fright.
19.) I usually get along better with guys for friends.
20.) Gossip iritates me.

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