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UPDATE as of 5/25:

I graduate on June 14. Until then, my school email, langsa@mhs-pa.org, remains valid. After that date, I'll be accessible only through my gmail, as listed at the bottom. I don't know how long I'll be without my cursed technology, but rest assured, I will begin writing much more frequently once I have a steady stream of internet access. Thanks, love, and good vibes to those of you who bother to read my lackluster scrawlings.

Hey, this is Zeah, author of "Zeah and Tethebi". I've been on fanfiction.net since forever ago, but only recently discovered this site. I'm a seventeen year old girl going to Milton Hershey School. I write and draw, though sometimes I wonder if I'm good enough to even bother. Did I mention that I'm a pessimist?

My policy when it comes to reading and reviewing:

1. If I read and I like, I review; if I normally read your story, and review a new chapter, it's because something really stood out.

2. I despise illiterate stories and reviews.

3. If you ask me to read and review something, either I will or I won't. It's my choice.

4. Be polite, for Chrissakes.

5. A real review is how Wikipedia defines it:

That's about all I can think of right now in regards to rules.

By the way, I LOVE to RP one-on-one. My (odd) rules regarding that:

1. Once again, literacy is the only way to go. Everyone is human and makes mistakes, but don't expect me to translate what you say because you can't take the time to type out a couple damn sentences.

2. I only roleplay as smart, heterosexual females(human preferred) between 15 and 30 years old. But, I can do any minor roles that have little significance to the plot.

3. If you're sick of waiting for me to finish my story, we can RP it out, with me as Zeah and you as Tethebi (other characters can be played by either person).

4. What I love in RPs:

- human girl X inhuman guy(anthros, werecreatures, monsters, freaks, mutants, etc.)
- humor
- romance
- occasional perverted behavior(don't over do it!!)
- flirting
- flexibility
- some (coughs loudly) fetishes. Ask me about those privately.
- using (()) etc to show when I'm talking OOC

5. What I hate in RPs:

- illiteracy
- vampires Dx (Nothing personal, Boredman; you're the exception.)
- dirty terms when describing love-making(it's called love-making, not fuck-making, for a reason)
- cheating in relationships
- suicide/permanent death of a main character
- anal or oral sex

6. Either email me (langsa.zrv@gmail.com) or send me a note on deviantArt () to start a RP.


By the way, I LOVE to play Halo. My game IP Address is

I might be on, I might not. ;P

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