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Greetings, I'm R.S. Dunning. I'm 27 and live in Colorado. Pravos has been kicking around in my head for about 9-10 years now. I figured I'd take a crack at writing it down. I won't be done for a while (It's the first of three planned volumes). But I'll write when I feel like it, and no sooner. I am just an aspiring writer like most people here and am currently working towards a Master's in Creative Writing (third year right now, so don't expect too much). And a minor in Theatre. This is just an attempt to get the story down on paper (or computer I guess) for future destruction by my hand and hopefully others. As expected, reviews are much appreciated (good reviews with actual critical analysis would be exceptional).

Note: I haven't written a new draft of Pravos in basically forever. So don't read it. Not yet. I'll take this down when the warning is no longer necessary. But geez. It's bad guys. So bad. Just walk away. Read the other stuff, it's less bad.

More about Me

I mean, if you're really bored I guess I can give some more details about my mundane and generally uneventful life. Beware, the following paragraphs are going to make me seem very nerdy. This is a common misconception. (Okay never mind, I am pretty nerdy. Deal with it. *dons sunglasses*)

Favorites of Stuff:

Books: Sword of Truth series, Inheritance Series, Inkheart Trilogy, Narnia Chronicles, Harry Potter, etc etc.

Music: Look down. Most of my ipod contains game music. I am a weirdo I know, but there's way more good music from games than most people realize. I also listen to some Metal/Rock.

Video Games: Ug, where to begin. Legend of Dragoon (Ending credits theme is magnificent) Shining the Holy Ark (You've probably never heard of it) Shadow Hearts: Covenant (1 and 3 are also good), Beyond Good and Evil (They better make the sequel or heads will roll), All the Xeno's (Xenogears and all Xenosaga's), Not to sound like a fanboy but pretty much all things Final Fantasy (Kingdom Hearts included), Ratchet and Clank (Going Commando in particular), Chrono Trigger (Can't beat the classics), Wild Arms series (3 being the best), Psychonauts (Easily the funniest game ever made), Sonic the Hedgehog 1-3 and Sonic CD (Everything after is mostly crap), Vagrant Story (nothing short of art), Devil May Cry series (Never got into God of War and yet I love these, *shrugs*), Star Ocean series (A perfectionist's bane and paradise), Metal Gear Solid series (Despite complaints, I love the story heavy model), Dark Cloud 2 (A vast improvement over the first, which I still like), Grandia series (one of the most unique battles systems in gaming), Runescape (If that counts), Plus many many more.

Yes, I know this list is long. The aspiration to eventually write for games is a large factor in this. I commend you if you've gotten this far. Or is it pity?

TV Shows: Breaking Bad, Arrested Development, Walking Dead, Burn Notice, Firefly, House, Scrubs, Community, Mythbusters, 30 Rock, Psych.

Anime: Code Geass, Gurren Lagann, Cowboy Bebop, Full Metal Panic, Full Metal Alchemist, Trigun, Bleach, .Hack//Sign, Invader Zim (Does that count?) etc.

Movies: Inception, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Dark Knight, 500 Days of Summer, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, The Prestige, and many more.

That's me in a nutshell. Kind of. Good enough anyway.

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Crestfallen by Victoria Stokes reviews
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Smile City
A story about a dentist and his son, the ex wife who is trying to destroy his business, and his rival at Tooth Town. (My first complete stage play, needs a new draft but...eh. Maybe someday.)
Fiction: Play - Rated: T - English - Humor/Drama - Chapters: 1 - Words: 11,361 - Published: 2/18/2015
Smoke Therapy
Ever since Donald France quit smoking he's been going slightly mad. The funny thing about detoxing, is it tends to bring up other issues. Like your gynophobia. Or how much of an ass your psychiatrist is. Or how good Barney would have been at world conquest. All perfectly sane thoughts.
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Cold Nights
I did not yet understand the significance of a girl wanting to kiss me. At the time, it seemed like a betrayal. A break in our social contract. I didn't even necessarily want her as a friend. It just sort of happened.
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Wash reviews
This is a play that takes place entirely in public restrooms. Dave is obsessed with what's in his teeth, while Jimmy is trying to pee unsuccessfully, thanks to Dave, and in the other restroom the women talk about how Dave is crazy. They're not wrong.
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Bitter Toast
Boy meets girl. Girl kicks boy. Boy befriends girl out of fear. Girl treats boy like a backpack. Boy falls in love with girl and gets knocked unconscious. I think you get the point.
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Pravos reviews
Two survivors set out to find the one responsible for destroying the world they once knew, and find out if they can ever go home. None can be trusted. For the greatest enemy may yet live among them. Or worse, in them all. (This is an old, old draft, so if you're coming from another story hoping to find something good, move along.)
Fiction: Fantasy - Rated: T - English - Fantasy/Sci-Fi - Chapters: 2 - Words: 7,219 - Reviews: 24 - Favs: 8 - Follows: 9 - Updated: 8/16/2010 - Published: 9/18/2009