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You can call me Nightmaresbeati'monlyhuman or you can call me Wresie. Whichever floats your boat. I'm not one to update often or even remember passwords all too easy. But I will tell you when I write something its something important to me. Whether I follow through on finishing it in a hard copy rather than it just existing in my head... hard to say. But I do have to say I've done some maintenance recently and that means characters have been switched up and now fit better along with other things such as a brand new stock and brand of characters. With this said I would like to introduce you guys to my typical things to be written...

Slash or Het couples are my bread and butter, Slash more so, but I love Fem-Slash as well... Its just a little harder to write that. Anyways I'm going to organize the most likely possible genres to be written based on main pairing type...


Drama - usually centered around internal conflict that is influenced at least lightly by external conflicts, and its never just one conflict its usually a lot of little ones that lead up to one large one.

Romance - usually the main theme, but sometimes its the underlying theme. When it isn't in your face its a much more gradual development and a lot more skippy than other stories.

Sci-Fi - Science Fiction. A good portion of what I want to write recently will have many aspects of Sci-Fi as well as fantasy in them. I like experimentation, evolution, aliens, time travel, and fictional bio warfare. Oh and I have a thing for "neko-people" which will be used as fantasy creatures just as often as Sci-Fi ones. I will NEVER write a Zombie story, I'm seriously terrified of them.

Fantasy - My favorite creatures are Dragons and basic Faeries. I believe Vampires and Werewolves are the fence between Fantasy and Sci-Fi. "Neko-people" along with "Dog/Wolf-People" and "Fox-people" get to be explored a lot in this section a long with their animal like tendencies. Oh and "Bird/Winged-People".

Supernatural - As stated before. Vampires. Werewolves. Werecats. Weresnakes. Lots of Weres. Demons, but they can fit just as easily into the previous two. I'm gonna say this now, Angels and Half Angels are lots of fun...


Romance - Pretty much will be pure fluff and light, cuddle stuff.

Sci-Fi - Bad ass chicks fighting against an evil alien queen who has the hots for her? Yeah, I think that might happen...

Fantasy - A hand maid falling for a princess? One of my favorite classics. A rewrite of Cinderella? Another classic. Princesses? My thing. Don't get me started on Faeries... To much material...

Supernatural - "Fox-people" and their shady ways? Yep. "Dog/Wolf-people" and their traditions being challenged? Sounds cool. That one spider lady who weaves destiny? Yeah, we have her too.

Drama - No offense, but its two girls... Yeah, definitely happening... Mostly external...


Fantasy - The witch who cursed the prince before stealing his kingdom from him and him falling for her? Hmm... I might just do that. Talking cat that can see through time? Happening, so happening [watch out for her, okay?]

Sci-fi - "Bat-People" and "Snake-People" as well as human experimentation... Yep... all the good stuff...

Supernatural - Psychics and other fun mind games? Another favorite... Honestly I love psychics period...

Romance - Fast paced, intense, not always considered healthy, but, for the most part, realistic.

Drama - Anger and betrayal will be my favorites in this section...


I write things that mention somewhat darker themes and sometimes include them, not in grave detail [unless deemed necessary, since I like to try to stay at least somewhat realistic]. With this said I will write things that aren't considered ideal, but they will work out eventually. Another key thing is what can't be solved in one story sure can be solved in the next. Finally. I do this for my own entertainment and because I need someplace to turn to when I need to get my creativity out and my drawings are frustrating me. So... I will not update frequently, nor can I promise to finish a story. I can promise if you ask me, after I discontinue something, I will explain the remainder, as detailed as you may wish [less than five pages in a word document, what was to happen [as long as I can recall what that was... I will try to keep a journal of plot devices and ideas just for this case].

Anyways, I honestly hope you all enjoy what I write... And some of my genre and stuff kind of just flow together, so...Yeah...have fun...

Until I see you in my stories,




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