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By the way, if I'm gone for veeeerrrrryyyyy long periods of time. Consider me... Hibernating. I don't know. Sometimes I can't ind the time for the RPs, and I'm sorry if I leave someone hanging for a while, but well, I'm busy.

Hello everyone who visits this thing.

I'm Wabu's! And I enjoy writing little stories and such.

Well, there's not much to put here except maybe a little something on who I am.

Okay, I live in Canada, in a small town that I'm sure none of you people can pronounce. It's next to rather big river 'supposedly' famous for all the salmon, and there's mountains on all sides. _

Well, I am 15-ish turning 16 soon (Whoo...) and I am Native American, and proud of it. Especially since I can speak the language and can insult people behind their backs and they would never know. (Though not usually!)

Generally I am a nice person... I'm assuming. A bit blunt I guess, and well, dramatic. And yet, I'm still quiet. My poor friend, Alex, is for some reason almost like a minion, follows me around despite the fact that I ignore 'said person' sometimes... I'm terrible aren't I? I guess Alex is a true friend.

I like watching ghost/ paranormal shows like Paranormal State(awesome show!) and whatever else I can find. I of course believe in ghost because unfortunately for me I did once have a ghostie experience. One morning (not night) I was waking up on a Saturday when I found all of my books lying on the floor. I thought it was extremely weird there, so I put them all back. The once that was finished I went to go watch some tv. Right when I opened my door and to go into the living room, there was a strange white mist thing standing in front of my parent't room, It looked like a little girl almost, but I think that maybe the age of her would've been... 12-ish? Well so anyways, I was like blinking and squinting at the apparition, trying to figure out who the hell was in my house. I called my sis's name, because for a second I thought it was her.
I was still looking at the thing strangely because It wouldn't speak. Then I could hear my own heartbeat for a few seconds and I couldn't move. I guess I was that scared! Then the apparition turned around quickly and went... I think it went through the door of my parent's room? Not too sure... But it like poofed away! Like when you can see your breath when it's really cold out and then you see it fade away. That's how it was.

Then my sister one day encountered a ghost herself.

I was at school, she was home sick and staying home. She was maybe 5 around?
My mom told me that she was in the living room, watching Dora the Explorer, when she suddenly ran into the room crying. After she calmed down somewhat she told my mom that there was a scary lady in the living room. Old and wrinkly in a rocking chair, staring at her.
Isn't that creepy?

We moved out of that house soon after.

Shadow in the Sky reviews
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