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Dehumanized has been discontinued. I am truly sorry for those of you who have enjoyed reading it but my serious lack of free time in real life has forced me to put almost all of my fic writing on hold. To be honest, I wasn't really happy with Dehumanized when I first posted it and being the dummy that I am, I posted it to early. The upside to all of this (if there is one) is the story itself will not be forgotten bit this will give me time to redo it and work more on my characters and get the story it to my liking before I re-post it. Once again, I am sorry for not continuing it at this time.

The name is Kos-Mos and my muses are schizophrenic. I've been a fanfic writer for many years and recently I've starting working on my own stuff. I'm in college and I work as a mod on a game site so my free time is limited. Slash is my weapon of choice and if you don't like it bugger off and find something you do like. If you flame me be prepared to be mocked to the end of time for you serious lack of observation skills and for not having the ability to read. All my fics are labeled with "contains slash" and if you somehow manage to miss that it's your problem, whining and throwing tempter-tantrums at me will only spark serious LOL moments. MOST OF MY FICS ARE FOR ADULT READERS SO IT'S REALLY FOR YOUR OWN HEALTH TO BE OVER 18 WHEN YOU READ THEM.

All stories posted on here can be found on my Live Journal and my adultfanfiction account. I will happily send links upon request.

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