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Hello All!

My name is Steph Moore. I am a 23 year old, graduate student who enjoys taking time from my rigorous academic schedule to delve into my own written creations. That being said, I am on occasion buried in mountains of design projects, lab reports, presentations, etc. However, I do make every best effort to dig myself out and regularly update my works.


As a writer, I have completed two large works.

The first is Wildflower.

Wildflower is the story of Adena Havener, the dutiful bride of the stoic Duke Damien Havener. Well-versed in the wiles and facades of the Porrserran court, her new husband seems concerned only with the affairs of state-- with little interest in the affairs of the heart. A growing rebellion inspires unrest among the lower classes, resulting in a violent clash of ideals and philosophies. Amidst all this, Adena must navigate this dangerous world while coming to terms with her own troubled past.

Also complete is Thorns and Brambles.

Thorns and Brambles is the story of Torrance Young, a young woman tortured by the horrors of her past. Still assaulted with the brutal memories of her family's murder, she struggles each day to maintain her tenuous hold on reality. She is obligated, though, to present a strong image to the political elite of her country who desire to supplant her family's holdings and mar their long-standing reputation. Meanwhile, she finds herself falling for the mysterious man who has won her heart yet keeps a dangerous secret-- his own undesirable past. Amidst the lies and half-truths, they must decide if love can truly exist.

In progress is Outsider, my NaNoWriMo project from 2011. This story was completed in 2011 but has lingered in desperate need of revision since then, and I am enjoying the task of revisiting and recreating the story. But this project is essentially a re-write, so be patient with my updates.

My next project is in the planning stages and will be a supernatural retelling of Beauty and the Beast called Bloodbound.

Bloodbound is the story of Elle Marcellus who is well-acquainted with responsibility. The daughter of the decrepit Lord of the once-prosperous city of Evera, she long ago abandoned her gentle upbringing and delicate sensibilities to ensure her family’s survival. Faced with hunger and the unwanted affections of the conquering Empire’s emissary, her life seems more dismal than ever. But when her efforts lead her face to face with a man, a monster who claims to thirst for her blood, she is swept away from these troubles to a magical castle where she struggles to escape while he fights to tame the monster within. Together can they lift his curse and save themselves from a tragic fate?

Thanks for checking out any of my works! Any reviews are very much appreciated, but I am currently not returning reviews, except for WCC entries.

If I happen to owe you a review at the moment, don't fret. I know who you are, and I will return them.

For you writers out there, don't forget to check out The Review Game forum and its monthly writing contest, the WCC.

For those of you out of high school, I also recommend The Globe forum.

12/10/14: I'm still alive and have not disappeared or forgotten my projects here! But graduate school is all-consuming and finding time is a challenge. Updates will be sporadic at best.

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