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Oh unfortunate wayfarer you have ventured into the rat's den. Be prepared for torture in the mental and physically binding with the sexy oiled chains way. Now take a step to your right and enter the joyful painful ride of a harsh slap on the face of reality. Now let me indulge in a queer laugh. Mwhehehehehehehe-har.

I'm not in a straight jacket, I'm just hugging myself in a tight grey shirt.

Anyways, the name's Memrat. Most of you are probably wondering where I thought of the name. It's short for "Memories Rat." I love cute widdle rats! I once had a black fat rat I named Bob. HE WAS ADORABLE! He'd chew on cardboard boxes, eat cookies with me, and sleep (and poo) on my pillow. Why'd I name him Bob? After my fat Uncle Bob of course! Sadly however Bob died about two years ago. In my grief for Bob, which I still harbor today, I made up the name Memories Rat as a reminder of my dear Bobby. Oh, and I was gonna make up a story with this character that... blah blah blah...

I'm not telling any secrets.

I apologize if I caused any offense with my last profile page. I am deeply ashamed and will take care to never write so thoughtlessly again. Mostly I ashamed myself and midgeted elf people I stand for. And I dissed bulldogs. Cause poodles are better.

Now I'm going to tell about a strange dream I had... ONWARDS TO THE INSANE DREAM MONTAGE!

The dream starts out with the world 1000 years in the future. There's a major food shortage and scientist are trying to find a way to reconstruct a gene in humans so that they can survive on little food. WHY they didn't just try to create a new type of super food, I don't know. I didn't plan this dream.

Anyways, the found the gene and applied it to almost every human. Now humankind can survive on a drop of blood a month. But the world is rapidly changing, the environment is harsh so some people flee with their genetic mutation.

Only 2000 people are left on earth, they mostly live in China. Cause China kicks ass.

Anyways, there's this family, an older teenage daughter named Gabby, a boy named Zach, parents, and a grandmother, living with five other families in America. And... the girl can change into animals into some reason. Don't ask me why.

ANYWAYS, this is getting fun, the girl changes into a cat and runs around the city hunting (why she just didn't change into a tiger or something bigger, I once again don't know, it must have been because I saw a cat on my walk yesterday) and this camera sees her. Suddenly a spaceship... this can't get any lamer... lands and picks up the girl and her family.

The spaceship is full... of... vampires. And the family hasn't had the gene alteration so they're not vampires. But they pretend to be in order to fit in. So they drink blood and eat raw meat and are happy. Why are they happy eating raw meat? I DON'T FREAKING KNOW. They were hungry and hunger can be scary. Anyways one vampire named Deathin (real original name huh? sarcasm) finds out the family is human. The vamps thought the family were vampires cuz they saw the girl as a cat and apparently the vampires also have that power.

ANYWAYS, the vampires are planning this big celebration Ku Gash Nvn... WHERE THE HELL I GOT THAT I DON'T KNOW, most likely from reading too much Darren Shan... which is where they take one human and eat it. Bad thing is, they haven't caught a human yet. Anyways, there's this game that goes with the celebration, vampire...transformation...orgyness

ANYWAYS away from that disgusting thought, the family knows their screwed cuz they can't transform. So Deathin helps them out and they all escape to this deserted planet and live happily ever after. WHY they lived happily on a deserted planet I once again fomerly don't know.

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