I am the lonely caterpillar
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OMG..are you actually reading this? woohoo!! yey! now im excited!!

First of all I am the lonely caterpillar, ok? I would say i love to make people laugh, i spend time running, listenig to music, and apprecciating any kind of art.

I also draw and paint sometimes. I waste my time on the computer, usually on myspace, DARN YOU TOM!!

What do i write? i really dont know yet, maybe what comes to my mind first

what comes to my mind? stupid stuff (LOL)

but i can also TRY to do serious stuff, i mean really...what? dont you believe me? !!

why can't you see that I am just a lonely caterpillar who wants to wriiiite!!

um so yea...OH! i also write in english and spanish since i am from Puerto Rico

so yea i know, i am cool, :

The lonely latin caterpillar who comes up with stupid stuff =D

and one reminder, if you see one of my fellow friends out there, don't squish e'm

they may be small but they have feelings!!

or worse, that little caterpillar could be ME!! aaa!! nooo!

and then POOF! i can't write anymore =(