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This is the fictionpress page for MGP, the writers of Virtuous Hearts!

What is Magical Girl Project?

We're a group of young writers (ranging in age from 13 to 25) who band together to write multimedia fiction. We start a new work every year, and each work lasts for two years, or 48 chapters (yes, the works overlap!). Every other work is a magical girl story, hence the name- there's always an ongoing magical girl series.

The members all help each other with all tasks, though some work more at one than all others. Most members also have characters that they created to be worked into the stories- characters that stay very dear to their hearts.

The MGP team is always looking for new writers, artists, animators, and musicians. As some members leave, new ones begin, and the group always has between ten and twenty members. Please PM us if you're interested in joining!

Who's on the team right now?

There are eleven of us! Many of us go by internet handles, though not all of us do. Here's some basic deets about who we are individually and what we each do!

Tabby does most of the writing, as well as marketing and putting together the final version of the multimedia chapter and releasing it. She is the creator of Mina Ebner (VH) and Wren Militante (MSPG).

Marionetta is one of the people behind the actual story. She creates a plot outline and some dialogue that is then worked into the final draft. She also draws on occasion (she's so busy)! Her characters include Nami Hall and Ambrosia (both from VH), and Alex (MSPG)

Air is one of the main artists, as well as one of the few guys on the team. He's also the creator of Celeste White (VH). He has no plans to work on MSPG.

Fearless is a great plotter and editor. She works tightly with Marionetta to make sure everything makes sense. She also animates when needed. Her characters are Aza (VH) and Zena (MSPG).

Garo is the other token guy and the creator of Anya Mori (VH).

Hachiko is another plotter and editor, and a great one! On top of that, she's the member behind Dahlia (VH).

Dream is a writer and plotter who also created a VH character.

Veronica is another one of the main artists, and does many of the beautiful promos. She is also grand at plotting and writing when needed. She is the brilliance behind Lorelei (VH) and Harley (MSPG).

Nias is an editor with a great eye for layout. She also created a VH character and Kilo (MSPG).

Sho is one of the plotters and writers. In addition, she created Veronica (VH).

Jenny is an artist and writer, as well as the newest member. She doesn't yet have a special character.

What are your works?

Virtuous Hearts is our 2013-2015 work, as well as one of our magical girl stories. The story revolves around eight teenage girls who are forced to become superheroes known as "knights" when they discover that they each possess incredible magical powers. Fighting mythical monsters, conniving evil masterminds, and their own inner demons, they must discover how to work together in order to free an ancient queen from her slumber. Read the text version of the story below!

Melodious Space Pirate Girls is our projected 2014-2016 work. Keep an eye out for it!

Virtuous Hearts
An enthusiastic bookworm. A snob. A computer geek, an ex-swimming star, a serious young woman, a pair of twins, and a shy cutie. Eight girls who have almost nothing in common are forced (by a very rude, very talkative bunny rabbit) to band together and try to save the world. Cliche? Maybe. Fun? Oh, definitely.
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