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Author has written 9 stories for Supernatural, Haiku, and General.

This account is dedicated to the Winchester boys; Sam and most importantly Dean from SUPERNATURAL.

"Thank you Captain Obvious!"-Dean W.


AN: Currently working on 2 fan fictions for The Avengers and Game of Thrones, check it out! VSC will resume by September :)

Catch me, the Lady on Twitter: loligoth_13

or TWI-tter with Twilight:

Deviant Art- loligoth13

Click on my Homepage ;)

Quote for the Month: "Like I could die."


P.S Catch phrase: "It's show time!"

-Spike Ellis

The story is purely fictional and is based on the author's imagination.

It also has nothing to do with Anne Rice’s Queen of the Damned nor does it have anything to do with DeathNote. It’s my own view and I hope you respect that.

I welcome criticisms and all sorts of comments on whether or not I should pursue this and am looking forward to any suggestions.

The story revolves around 2 character's POVs but mainly on my protagonist, Spike Ellis.


My story- P.S I Bite the Vampire Social Club, was nominated in the previous Fiction and Prose Supernatural Stories Awards!

http:///"Upper east-side Vampires meets a group of other Celestials from Orange County called the Grims. Imagine a clash of Gossip Girl and the OC in the supernatural world where no one is innocent." - BetaReader


Vampire Social Club by LadyWinchester

Synopsis by Beta-Reader Margaux_Incarnate

"Tickets to Pandora's live shows are the hottest. Spike's voice is to die for…literally. But what happens when Death's voice attracts Death's wings? Like the Moon everyone has a dark side but even the Sun can eclipse. It's all about opting the lesser evil."

The protagonist is Peter, the brooding college student who's alter ego was known as Spike, the lead vocalist of Pandora, and he's also a vampire. So in Vampire Chronicle fashion, his merry band is composed of vampires, pretending to be humans, pretending to be vampires… well, same applies to the lone wolf of the band and their all-seeing oracle/manager. Anyway to add to his already confusing resume, he is also known as the carrier of Death's voice that each live show is actually a dirge.

The vampires of this world don't necessarily feed on blood. Doing so is actually a rarity. The only major thing in common they have with the 'traditional' vampires is that they thirst. But what they thirst for varies depending on their mortal psyche before they were turned. Some thirst for luck, some for dreams, some for negative emotions, some for beauty, some for violence, among others. But Peter was actually one of the rare few that feed on blood. And in this world, there were other supernatural beings such as werewolves, grims, celestials, oracles, and a whole lot more but though they live among mortals, they do not make their true nature known as much as possible. They keep the soul count or the balance of life and death in check but could one failed dirge cost them a lot? And why are other supernatural beings suddenly appearing to them? Why is a higher celestial involved? Were there more? Read it to find out! There's love, passion, angst, and action for this story.

My ideal Vampire- PETER RAINHART a.k.a SPIKE ELLIS in the embodiment of TOM STURRIDGE! :D OMG! So hot XD

T.S as Peter: 1. http:///_ylt=A9G_bHPR43lJQW0BJXajzbkF/SIG=13f6g02ev/EXP=1232811345/http

2. http:///albums/hh16/ACreativeMess/Male20Play20Bys/Models/tom_strurridge_006.jpg

3. http:///albums/s134/MiloAV/TomSturridgepic05.jpg

(Although as Peter, his hair has to be a bit reddish ;)

As Spike: 1. http:///_ylt=A9G_bF5y43lJU6sA5q2jzbkF/SIG=12h69q0qp/EXP=1232811250/http


(His hair appears longer and darker as Spike)

Favorite Quotes from the story:

All time fave: "Show time!" -Spike Ellis


1. “It would seem that the host announced that we would be joining their little gala.” -Trance

2. “My. My, some one seems a bit thirsty…” -Twilight

3. “Sorry chief, just sharing my blessings…” -Twilight

4. “Ooh, I’m scared.” -Roxsanne/Rose

Chapter 2:

1.“Would you please wake up already you damn vampire!” -Vergil

2.“Yes mother.” -Spike

3. “Bloody Vampires!” -Vergil

4. "Like I could die." -Spike

Chapter 3:

1. "I know I’m braggy. Sue me." -Spike

. This really sucks! …No pun intended… That’s Twi’s thing. -Spike

3.“Shut it nerd.” -Trance and Gloria

4. “…I bet you planned this one genius.” -Spike

5. Man has become the death of me. -Spike

6. Each person's life that I took in order to wander on this Earth had stabbed my heart over and over again. -Spike

7. Yes. She’ll abide by my words. That much, I can assure.” -Pax

8. We’re a tribe of the Fangs, which are the most complicated of creatures. -Spike

9.“I do not want to be the one who’ll end it for you.” -Pax

10. He speaks as if he was not one. I know how much you suffer with this life and yet, you stand and say that you've accepted your fate. -Spike

11. “That’s not an option.” -Pax

Chapter 5:

1. “ If I dwell on the past too much, I’ll pass up the chance to change and grow.

Because, whether I like it or not, It takes extra effort to accommodate changes in our lives.

We have to make choices.

We have to make space.

We have to let things go.

We have to let things change.

I, of all people know that, that’s the only way.”


2. “Thirsting for more?”


3. Freedom is something to be earned in this industry.


4. “Hey there. My booth’s open.” I joked. “I won’t bite you know.” I chuckled a bit and cleared my throat.


5. “Here. Thanks for making my night less… routine.” –Spike

6. She was the spunky girl from Wonderland. –Spike


Chapter 1:

1. Girl: Oohhh, Twilight, your such a suck-up!

Twi: You have no Idea.

2.Spike: Is that your thing?

Rose: Huh?

Spike: Rolling your eyes.

Rose : Shut up! Even though you’re a famous guy around here, I could still hit you.

3. Spike and Rose

“Pleasure’s all mine. I take it your new here?”

I nodded.

“I figured.”

“What’s that suppose to mean?” I pouted.

“Nothing.” He held his laughter, “Don’t worry you’ll get used to Pandoratic sounds.”

“Uh… Okay… I don’t know what you just said but, I like your music.”

“Well that’s good.”

“Is that your thing?” Yeah! My turn!

“What is?”

“Picking on me.”

Chapter 4:

1. Pax: How long are you planning on staying there? You alright?

Spike: Yes. Just……anemic

Chapter 5:

1. I had to hand it to Vergil. The man had vision. I chuckled at my joke capturing Twi’s attention.

“Spike? Laughing? Curious, very curious. Care to share?” He asked with an amused expression.

I cleared my throat and smirked again, “I was just commenting on Vergil’s work. He really has vision.”

Twilight snickered as he nodded in approval, “Yeah, he truly has the eye!” And we both burst out laughing at our seer friend’s expense.

“I heard that!” Vergil called out from somewhere in between juggling phone calls.

Twilight cupped his hands around his mouth and yelled back, “Riiight. You can’t say you didn’t see it coming!” and we burst out laughing once more. I swear that I even saw the smallest twitch in Pax’s mouth. Trance was pretending that he didn't hear but he heard all right. His cheshire cat grin gave him away.

2. “So what your trying to say is, sometimes, people just have to let things go; Reality could surprise you?” -Rose

“Something like that. Random things brings random people together. And the most random of situations are usually the ones making a statement. Like, now for example.” –Spike

Future Plans:


A. FORBIDDEN FRUIT CHRONICLES (Follow up stories for my first fic. See my story, P. S I bite: The Vampire Social Club.)

1. The Court

-The scariest thing to see is... the future. The story of the Oracles Court particularly the Vergil Lineage. See my story, P. S I bite: The Vampire Social Club.

2. Oh yeah, I smite.

-The story of the GRIMS. Starring their leader, Asch.

3. Fields of Innocence

-an alternate ending for P.S

B. The brighter side of things

(ROMANCE etc...)

1. Tasteful Distractions

"My eyes will never see what she beholds and yet her ailment is what brought us together. Is this a blessing or a curse? Will my pointless route towards emptiness take a turn? Will I ever feel loved and return such gift? I have to say bye."

The story of Eric, the son of an ex-soldier with an incurable disease.

Eric never wanted to get involved with other people. He just wanted anexcuse, a diversion from all his responsibilities. He bcame a volunteer after his mother's death. When he meets Terra, she makes him see that there's more to life. But Dan, Terra's little brother tells him that she's blind.

Note: I've posted a fic on with this story but it was reverted to suit the anime.


1. Black Holes and Revelations

A follow-up fic for P.S is already on the way. It will compose of the stories of the Pandora members on how they became immortal. It will be narrated by none other than Vergil.

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Also, This is the Beta-ed version of the Prologue :D

(Please excuse the lame-o title, it's a working progress… the tentative 2nd P.S Novel will have a better one.)

Author's Note: This an original story inspired by the songs and the Filipino Band, Chicosci. ALL other events, characters etc... leading to similarities of published works, licensed or unlicensed are purely coincidental.

This is NOT an Anne Rice fanfiction. The Rock Star factor is merely coincidental. As Anne Rice is one of my most respected authors, I would not do anything to jeopardize her name. I do NOT plagiarize :D

This story was a supposed entry for the 3rd Philippine Graphic Fiction Awards (by Neil Gaiman and FullyBooked) held last year. I couldn't submit the short version of the story on time so… here I am.

Note that Each chapter title corresponds and is inspired by a certain song. The rest is all pulled out of LadyWinchester's hyperactive magic hat which seems to be blurting out my imaginary world of the Supernatural.

Warning! This may seem a bit teen-ish at first but it gets a whole lotta serious as the story progresses. Bear with me and enter the world of Spike Ellis. (And no, I did NOT take his name from Buffy, everything will be explained.)

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