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Hey guys. What's up? Just to start, I'm a sucker for romances. I love reviews, constructive criticism, and anything written about my story, but I'm not too great with Author Notes. Don't know why, I just don't like writing them. So, up front, allow me to thank anyone who reads my story, and thank you even more for reviewing!

War Cry news: it's back up and going again. Please, no hate mail if I take a little while updating chapters. Actually, never mind. Please, send me as much hate mail as you can. It'll keep me writing.

My list of favorite books is too long to even begin, so my top three are

1) The Twilight series- 1, 2, 3, and have to admit, they took America (and I bet the rest of the universe, but I don't know for sure) by storm

2)The Spy Who Kissed Me- one word- hilarious!

and 3) Audrey, Wait! by Robin Benway- love, love, love it! I envy Audrey's best friend.

About Me: I've been riding horse since I was two (sitting on the horse), and actually riding horses (walk, trot, canter, and gallop) since I was four. My two horses are 1) a grey Thoroughbred named Jade, and he's the most obnoxious, lovable horse in the universe- counting alien-space-horses on other planets- and 2) a black Quarter Horse named Speedy. They were both ex-racehorses, and now, they are dressage (Jade) and Jumper (Speedy) horses. My best human friend would be an extraordinarily dramatic girl who can't keep a secret to save her life, so sometimes, it's a lot more enjoyable to talk to the horse. Especially when you are confiding that you actually sort-of-like a guy that everyone else thinks is a dork/geek/loser, and you don't want it all around the school by the next day(which has happened before).

My Weakness: I cannot live without music. I can't imagine how some people deal without music. Seriously, I'm like a drug addict, but with music. I'll listen to all kinds- country, punk, emo-goth, metal, pop, rap, rock, dance, 80's music, alternative, folk- rarely, and classical- when I'm forced.

A Few Facts About Life: Parents- The trick is to not get overly involved. Yeah, they're your parents, and yeah, you probably have to live with at least one of them, but that doesn't mean they have to take over your life. You already have a life. Live it. Let them work out their craziness on their own. Adults have their own baggage, and they take it out on us. The only thing you can do is blow them off.

To my regular readers for War Cry: I had to work out some kinks and edit a few things and I'm really sorry, but I'll try to get it going again sometime soon. I've been thinking about what someone mentioned, and it really is annoying that poor Falcon is constantly getting captured. I'm fixing that.

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War Cry reviews
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