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Well...hey there! How are you all doing?

Some of you (or at least one of you), know me as Kami-Inu on ff. net, and/or alchemistkira6 from dA. Here, I choose to be called by a different name...but yeah. All of my profile info can be found there. Here are the links:

ff . net: http : // www . fanfiction . net / u / 1677880 / Kami-Inu (remove spaces)

dA: http : // alchemistkira6 . deviantart . com / (remove spaces)

Here, I'm just a faceless writer-aiming for publication-worthy materials. And as soon as I finish fleshing one out, I'll post it here. I'm currently juggling fanfics, fanart, original writings/arts, plus future job plans. But don't worry-I'll be back! And hopefully, with a story for you to enjoy! So please, be patient! :)