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Hello, my penname (as you should know) is Kaito Naito -Eject. I also have an account on FanFiction.Net, so you should be able to find more information on me there. But who would want more from me.

Occupation: senior in college

Hobbies: Reading manga, watching anime, reading fan fiction, reading actual BOOKS, playing Assassin Creed and other games (my favorites are Role-Playing games), scaring the shit out of people for no apparent reason, making people question my sanity, making little kids cry, making grown men cry... yeah, I have a sadistic streak a mile wide. I blame it on Kage2398

Likes: Pocky, fan fiction, Yaoi, fan fiction, grilled cheese, spending time with my few friends, Yaoi, chicken patties, angst-y romances of the yaoi variety... and Yaoi. Yeah, that's about it. I have no life. Just like my friends.

Dislikes: Anti-hunters, and those who are against furries

Favorite Instrument(s): Violin

Favorite Genre of Music: J-Rock, and other various ones

Favorite Artist(s): Dir en Grey, the GazettE, D'espairsray, Gackt, HYDE, Miyavi

Favorite Quote: "If your Uncle jack helped you off an elephant. Would you help your Uncle jack off an elephant?"


"We are not retreating; we are simply advancing in the other direction!"



Story updates:

First chapter done will work on second here really soon.

Main Characters:

KORAY: 6'0" and around 155 lbs. He is lanky, with lean muscles, his golden/brown hair goes down pass his light brown eyes. His skin is slightly tan, not much though. And he loves to play hockey, hoping that one day he can play hockey as well.

BLAIR: 5'11" and around 135 lbs. He is very open with his gayness, but at times he will keep it to himself. And not mean to, his dark brown hair, he spikes up all the time, and he has dark brown eyes. He to will play hockey when he wants to.

STORY UPDATE: 3/20/12 - this story might have a remake done!

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