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Hi! I'm Amanda and I'm Singaporean.

I'm 16 this year and I love reading fiction. I've love reading since my mom told me my bed time stories since I was just a baby. My whole family loves reading, so I guess you can say that it runs in the genes. :)

Likes: I like reading (duh), writing (only when I'm in the mood), music (addicted), reading, movies (with hot male leads), arguing with my sister (she started it!), reading, day and night dreaming (its called imagination), rainy nights (when i'm inside looking out), and finally: reading.

Dislikes: Homo-stuff, studying, people yelling at me, people telling me i'm fat, raisins, chick-flicks, growing up, and most of all: people who hid my book and telling me that I need to go out more.

Genres that I prefer: Fantasy, romance, mystery, advanture

Fave book: Lord of the Rings

Fave band: DBSK

Other things about me: I'm not that good a writer. Most of the time I have to go through many drafts before posting so I'll not be posting many long stories, just short stories or drabbles. Have written a few fanfics before, but nothing original. Will be trying my hand on other genres besides romance. Like war perhaps?

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