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Well. 'Bout damn time I redid this tired old profile. (haha, redone again 3/8/11)

Let's start with the simple things: I'm Mizery.

I'm seventeen.

I'm bored (but am steadily becoming less bored by the day! Claps for progress!).

I HAVE my license!

I'm not fake (well, sorta).

Now, for the harder things: I'm a junior in a small town high school just East of the Minnesota border. And by small, I mean that I can count the number of ethnically different people (different than Caucasian) on one hand (that's actually fiction, now. I can count them on TWO hands). Also the gay people (also fiction. Since when was it cool for girls to be lesbian? And why wasn't I alerted of this trend BEFORE Mae and I got together?!). But not the snobby people. Because it seems like every place I go, there is an overabundance of them.

I like Hollywood Undead (scratch that, they now suck BALLZ), MGMT, NeverShoutNever, BrokeNCYDE, Hawthorne Heights, Paramore, Lil Wayne, Akon, The Airborne Toxic Event, Blinded Black, Eminem, Fall Out Boy, Five Finger Death Punch, Lady Gaga, Slikpknot, Landon Pigg, LMFAO, Pitbull, LoveHateHero, A Midsky Surrender, Muse, Owl City, The Perishers, Saosin, Taking Back Sunday, 3OH!3, 30 Seconds To Mars, My Chemical Romance, and this cute little boy(girl?) person on Youtube that goes by the name CWTEbnr. Check him(her?) out, and his(her?) band, Fear of Flying, on Myspace.

I really love the books by Ellen Hopkins. Anyone read 'Impulse'? If you have, tell me your opinion. I enjoy King and Koontz, and also Levithan, author of 'Boy Meets Boy'. (Remember? I'm a gay writer... well, a writer of gay fiction... er, something.)

I hope to someday be a content writer full-time and a mom part-time (I'll leave the other part to my dearest Mae. Love you, baby.) . I want to go to a community college, becacuse I am lazy, and poor. Also, because how do you learn to become a writer? Don't you just... BECOME one?

I have a girlfriend. (Not so complicated, I know.) ((But, about to make this EXTREMELY complicated, I have a boyfriend. Yes, my girlfriend knows this, and he's her's too. Ever heard of the term polyamory? It creates a nice little MaeReedMarianna sandwhich here, don't you think?))

There. Now you know me. Want to know more? miss-misery14@ /lovemizery Also, pm me if you want. I don't bite. (unless you beg for it.) :)


Closer: Permanently and forever-ly discontinued. I have absolutely NO intentions of writing anymore.

The Most Delicious Sin: So, if you don't understand the 'plot' (or whatever it is) it is the following of two boys through their discovery of each other, their first time together, and years after their first time, after they have settled into a comfortable, if slightly boring relationship that is based on sex and companionship alone (except to Zeke, as you guys may have caught. Like, in Part II, it's Eli who is in love, but the tables turn. sniff It's just so sad!). One of the things that I am most proud of with this triple-shot is the voice of the characters. The original chapter (now Part II to newcomers) has the most voice of all of them, I do believe, because it was the original, but the first one towards the end, Zeke gets his voice back. Eli never really gets it, and he becomes pretty whipped at the end. If you don't understand the way the three worked out, I don't blame you. I wrote these in algebra II on a whim and at one a.m. I don't quite understand them either. (Sorry for the super long random author note. I guess I just love you guys too much. :) :

Upcoming! The Essence of a Bleeding Heart: Yay!! New story!! It is TOTALLY FINISHED too, so the updates will most likely be daily, or every other day. I'll put the summary HERE (and I literally mean there) when I think up a good one. Which may be, like a week. (And has anyone noticed that upload isn't working? Or is it just me?) Uhm... You may hate me. Am not finishing this story because I don't want it to get stolen. So, I am removing it from fictionpress sometime this week. If you want little pieces of it, almost like teasers for the book that I am publishing, I will gladly send them to you. Just e-mail me. It's above or pm me. So... Thanks

Ghosts of My Past: Written in English class, based on a short story that I was working on. Is complete, though it be short. Cara and Kora (pronounced Kay-rah, by the way) are Blake's sisters, twins to be exact. And Alex's gender remains a mystery. Let's see if anyone can guess it. :)

ALSO! Saccharine Flawlessness: Not sure what to do with this bit of smex on my hands. Joel haunts me. I love him to pieces, but can't seem to get him to budge. Perhaps writer's block is the culprit? Most dutifully so, I suppose, because I seem to encounter this nasty bug at least thrice a year. Let me know how you feel, okay? My audience is my most treasured tool. Without you, my piano would be pointless. :3 (haha, just read the story. You may or may not get my joke, but it's still worth reading.)

Hmm... I think that's all. Oh wait, no it's not!

Check out these AMAZING authors!





my heart is in ohio

The Original Psycho


Cracked Butterfruit

matty connell

There ya go! I'm out.

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Ghosts of My Past
When everything is taken away- family, loved ones, even life- what is left? A story of shattered lives and shattered love. mxm, let me know how you feel?
Fiction: Young Adult - Rated: T - English - Tragedy/Angst - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,726 - Published: 3/7/2011 - Complete
Saccharine Flawlessness
“A bene placito,” I murmur into your ear, and your hot mouth finds mine, and it’s sweet, perfect, affrettando, and I rise with the chord, saccharine flawlessness. mxm, let me know if you're feelin' this, thanks.
Fiction: Young Adult - Rated: M - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 1 - Words: 749 - Published: 3/7/2011 - Complete
The Most Delicious Sin reviews
How was it' I whisper, though by the way his fingers sift through my hair, I can already guess the answer. But the way he states it still surprises me. 'The most delicious sin I have ever enjoyed.' many-shot slash
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