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Ayo, it be the D.

You know what it is. I'm a pretty laid back guy that likes to write fiction in my spare time, when I'm not killing myself at work or trying to balance some sort of social life (hence the pen name. I never get any damn sleep.) Usually, I can't get a story past the first few chapters, so I'm really proud of Villain, a story set in the point of view of the titular character. This is the first in a planned trilogy (I know you aren't supposed to make trilogies out of stuff, but the span of the story is really big, and I've already plotted out the entire thing. No way in hell it would all fit in one book.

I got some other stuff on the horizon. Stray and Ascension will definitely be completed at one point, though they seem to be getting pushed back with all these other ideas coming to mind. The End and Slugger are going to be some of my darker works, one being a sci-fi type deal based on genetic manipulation and mutations, while the other is based on a world that has been destroyed by war. Won't get started on either of those until I finish Part 2 of Villain, though (5 chapters away! Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooal!)

Like I said, I'm a chill kind of dude. Review and get reviewed, I always say. Hell, even if you don't review. Just be a little patient with me, I don't get a lot of free time. Hell, most of my writing is done at work when I'm hiding from those that would seek to fire me. And reviews on a Blackberry suck ass, so yeah. Cut a guy some slack.


What's happening, chillllldren? This is the Funktopus, owwwww, and you're tuning in to Dante's Writer's Watch!

Today's feature presentation:

Minor Talent: Hazel East has met them all; she fits men into categories, Singer, Guitarist, Bassist and Drummer. Her life revolves around music. She breathes it, talks it and writes it. Until she meets a band called Minor Talent, that is.

Oh you know I had to do something for the ladies! Well, and for my fellow hopeless romantics in the place. This is a romance, through and through. It features freakin' amazing characters, great dialogue, and some drama to knock your socks off. I'm just saying, my favorite character is Dai, and Frank is an asshole, but don't let me be all bias and such. No matter who your favorite character turns out to be, everyone definitely needs to peep this story. Like, now. I demand it. And check out some of her other works, namely Play The Game and Into The Night. Hell, anything by her. Let's give it up for this weeks writer to watch, Dreamers Requiem!

That's it for Writer's Watch this week. Next time we're gonna visit a girl in dull and boring Pennsylvania (her words) with a story that rivals The Matrix in badass action scenes! Dante ouuuut.


Villain: Just completed chapter 22, currently working on chapter 23. Only five more chapters until the end of book 2.

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