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I'm Allen.
Artist. Musician. Novelist. Sporty.
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Name: Allen Aeson
Age: 16
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Marshmallow Children
General, Humor, Slice of Life
Van Couvert is a six year old boy who has the looks of a girl. His twin older sisters are aspiring fashion designers and somehow(without Van's consent) make him a model of their dresses. He then has a hard time making friends in school primarily because of his penetrating delinquent stare and quietness during class hours, making the others label him "the cool kid in which no one could approach". But when he meets Aya Hinamori, an upbeat and energetic girl who accepts Van for who he is, his life is changed for good. Ever since the day they became friends, Van has been dragged into Aya's circle of influence; like becoming a champion of boxing matches in school(when he can't fight), a popular cosplayer in a convention(when everyone thinks he's a girl), and even becoming the boss of a mafia! With Van is Emily Mercer, who has this giant obsession over him, and Wallace, a delinquent who would do anything to follow Van.
Status: Preparing to be Serialized