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yes, BJArthur is a girl. she is short, blonde, blue-eyed, has the physical capabilities of a toothpick and often gets blown about in a strong wind like a dried leaf. it's not as fun as it sounds, trust me.

BJArthur enjoys the beach at sunset (though she doesn't get there nearly as frequently as she'd like to), David Bowie's vocal chords and fudge brownies, often all at the same time.

BJArthur hates math with the burning passion of a thousand suns. there is no leeway; that's just how it goes.

BJArthur likes hard-wood floors with braided area-rugs and desperately wants a big brown dog, but her apartment complex doesn't allow pets and she doesn't have enough money to move yet. she also really likes babies, especially the one she made. seriously, it's the cutest little baby in the whole wide world. no other baby can compare. not even kidding.

BJArthur is going to move back to the South one day, then maybe ride Westward in search of Frontier Land. after that who knows - she has time to make up her mind... she's not even thirty yet.

BJArthur is your typical 'girl-next-door' and tries to be as nice to every one as possible, though some people are a bit thrown off by her 11 ear piercings and the gigantic tattoo on her back. yes, she's planning on getting another one, she just doesn't know what or where yet.

BJArthur can not handle extremes, though she does do amazingly well under-pressure. especially if Queen and David Bowie are playing.

if BJArthur could go back in time, she'd marry Percy B. Shelley, though totally bang/inspire Keats on the side. and she'd be a Waterhouse model.

BJArthur also writes for FanFiction . Net; her bio-page can be found here. it's mostly... okay, all just Harry Potter. she does have experience in writing for herself, just hasn't had the gumption to get off her butt and post some of it yet. hence why it's coming here so late.

BJArthur has a deviantART page as well, found here. those are some of her originals focusing on Greek Mythology.

update: (as of 9.10.10) wow. it has been for-freakin'-ever!! but now i have more to post, so that's all good. it's in Keeping It. things have changed/moved (finally) on the Real Life Amelia/Sebastian front and they are now back together. RLS dumped RLA (as a 'friend), RLA broke, RLV turned out to be a cheating whore, RLS dumped RLV and is now doing his best to keep RLA (as a 'friend')while keeping a firm grasp on his manhood. it has regurgitated itself into the third chapter of Keeping It. once everyone figures out how to handle the fact that RLS broke RLA and she got back with him (as a 'friend') anyway, i'll write about that too. opportunistic? completely.

oh, and i also added (a while ago) another one-shot called Barely There.

update: (as of 7.30.09) so hi! i'm back after an extended absence. life has been nuts so i've had to take care of it. new storie is up (Sounds So Sweet) and it frightens me, to be honest. but y'all can (please) read it and let me know what y'all think.

about my writing: writers should write what they know. i know a little bit about almost everything. my writing will (hopefully) reflect that.

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