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Hey, my name's Maya and like most people on this site I greatly enjoy reading. I have probably wasted more than half of my life just reading. I also love writing. So far I have completed one story, 'Eve of Destruction', which is the first part in the 'Eternal Divinity' series. I urge you to give it a looksie if you haven't. I'm currently working on part two, 'Axis of Power'. I also started another story called 'Brownies and Coffee,' but I've pretty much given that up until the Eternal Divinity is all finished.

So, I'll add a bit more detail about myself in the near future because I'm feeling quite lazy at the moment :p

*Update August 19th, 2011*

The Eternal Divinity, Part 2 - Axis of Power is giving me a lot of headaches recently to be honest. Got some ideas but, it's not working out when I try and write out the chapters. Sorry but I'm putting it on the back burner for a little bit. So I have Brownies and Coffee up here, but just to clarify that is completely discontinued now. I'm in the process of writing a new story, that I haven't named yet. It's not supernatural, it's about regular teens, living in Toronto. The first few chapter will be posted on August 26th.

*Update: May 3, 2012*

Arrowwood on hiatus

*Update: October 20th, 2020*

Let's pretend it hasn't been 8 years since I updated, okay, thanks! The Eternal Divinity has been shelved. Thank you everyone for your incredible support, I love you guys so much!!! One day I may continue the story in a different form, but for now that's pretty much it. The way I pantsed that story was unfathomable. I have no idea how I even got that far with a SF off the top of my head without any planning. Also like a decade later, it's problematic as hell, I will post an full apology as an author's note that soon. Also, fair warning, might be deleting it all or most of it soon.

My story Arrowwood however actually has been completed and I am currently querying agents so I can't post the whole thing on here. I've deleted the old version, the two chapters of the new version, renamed Kismet, are on here if you are interested in becoming a beta reader for it, or a CP just PM me :)

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Arrowwood (Renamed Kismet) reviews
When Aisha sees her ballet dreams are her mom's and not her own, she leaves her elite ballet school to regain her love of dance at a tiny arts school. But her mom won't give her up without a battle of mind games and manipulation. She reunites with her childhood ballet partner and BFF, Neil, and meets his musician friend, Ollie, who she obviously she has no romantic interest in...
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