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Meow to all, I am the famed (or lack there of) Sparklagal! Or spark as my friends call me. I was taking a short break, but I'm getting back into the whole writing thing. I've changed my email address and taken out some of the (in my view at least) less well written (I'm sure I didn't phrase that right) stories. If you really really really want me to bring something back email me and I'll do my best. Expect more stories soon, I'll try very hard to finish them... really.

ANYHOO... more about me, 14 year old, My muse is Victor Creed aka Sabertooth, I live just north of the middle of nowhere in East Bumblefuck (Vt. I mainly write X-men fics, but may try something different someday... though probably not.

Leave me lots of nice reviews, or I will take away your fork privileges.