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Hey, welcome to my profile! Hope you enjoy my story (maybe ies in the future)! Also, if you've been reading it, PLEASE VOTE ON MY POLL! I would really appreciate it, thanks! :)

Reviewing: I love reviews on my work, who doesn't? I love hearing readers' opinions, good and bad (although I would prefer if you gave me suggestions as to what I could do better, that way it helps me improve). Any review I get, will be returned, if I have not repaid you (regardless of whether you are in the Roadhouse or any other reviewing forum) please PM me and kindly remind me. As for the type of reviews I give, I tend to pick at grammar/spelling, as well as dialogue and character development. I can comment on plot as well, but I usually just let the author go with what he/she feels how the story should be told (I may mention if I think the plot is advancing too fast or if it's dragging on, but that's about it), as the author knows a whole lot more about their own story than I do, and may have ulterior motives for it :P. I know I do for my own story. ;)

As for the types of stories I read? I will read just about anything. I won't review saying "oh this is fluffy and I don't like fluffy, change it now." I figure that if it's fluffy, it was meant to be so. The same applies to anything else. The only thing I have trouble with is extreme, graphic violence, used in a very disturbing manner. I don't particularily want to read in minute detail how your character was decapitated and then diced into sushi-size pieces of meat. Blech. So please, for my own sanity? :) I have no qualms with characters being decapitated and diced, just not in gory detail, and not in excess. Not every second character needs to die in a pool of blood! Another thing, if the chapter is over 10,000 words, I'm sorry. Did I mention I have ADD? Like, legitimately, clinically-diagnosed? My poor mind can't wrap around so many words on a screen.

Anyway, no matter what kind of story it is (save for the types I mentioned above), I will read/review it. Also, I NEVER review to be mean. I am NEVER sarcastic, condescending, belittling, basically I'm not a jerk. I will leave constructive criticism if I find anything that can be improved, but I NEVER do so maliciously. Sound good? :)


I've been writing this story for well over a year now, actually I've been writing this series for over a year. There's going to be four books, which are as of yet, untitled. Don't worry about those, they'll come when they do. Right now the only story I'm really concentrating on is this first installment. This is the first plot-line I've really been passionate about, so I really hope I don't abandon it, and so far I don't intend to. :)

Updates: LUCID IS UNDER MAAAAAAAJOR RECONSTRUCTION. I had an epiphany about the series, made some character changes, made note of some improvements I'd like to make, and stuff like that. I may even remove the story and re-start it. Yep. The change is that big. It effects the entire series. Btw, if you're confused, I have changed the title of my story to "Lucid", and I like it a lot better than "Dreams of Despair". I've kept the dreaming theme throughout the series. Here are the titles of all planned books:

If anyone decides to read my story, then I hope you enjoy. Leave me a review, criticism is fine, but don't leave immature flames. I'm not gonna think you're a really tough, bad-ass person if you flame. All I'm going to think about you is that you are no more than 12 years old experiencing PMS for the first time (if you're a guy, obviously that doesn't apply to you. Regardless of gender though, you'd appear immature, and grumpy) Still, I hope you enjoy!

© Copyright 2010 JMEM1 Please don't steal my work. If I find that my story(ies) has(have) been stolen, I can easily prove it, and I won't hesitate to act. (I really don't think my stuff is good enough to be published anyway, but I'm still being cautious)

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