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Name: Hannah Rachael Leah Overton
Age: 17
Birthday: January 13th. ( I swear I was born on a friday )
Zodiac sign: Capricorn ( Highly compatable with Scorpio and Cancer!)
Disposition: Depends if you see the good, the bad, or the ugly in me.
Appearance: Glasses, blue eyes, blonde hair, chubbiest person in the world without being clinically fat persay...
height: 5'9" ( I swear it's ALL leg!! ARGH)
weight: Don't think so, couldn't beat it outta me!
Obsessed with: Ooooo, letsee...Chichiri, Mousse and/or Ryouga, My sisters' drawings and/or paintings ( depending on the sister we're talking about ). And that's all I can think of at the moment. Other than Anime and Manga, no particular ones really... Latest obsession being Invader Zim and Owen/Puck from Gargoyles.
Interests: Oooo... Drawing, Anime, Manga, writing , and man my interests are very limited.
Wants to become: An author... Or something involving a comicbook or Manga. Or a character design person for an RPG or Video Game. Or a clothes Designer.

Always thought that:
1.If you can't say something nice then you should go away.
2.Most people are far more narrow minded then they care to admit.
3.My sister's comics were cute cuz they were about are two cats Cat Dracula and James Bond.
4.If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it OFCOURSE it still makes a sound, provided it would make a noise if a person WAS there... *Smiles brightly* .
5.A wood chuck could chuck a LOT of wood if a wood chuck COULD chuck wood.
6.If fish can't fly then birds should know how to swim?
7. TWO of WHATEVER came first had to be there (referring to the chicken or the egg), isn't that the way it works or did I miss something in health class?
8.Eve came before Adam (after careful study of human nature from a girls point of view).
9.No one is perfect, though some poeple DO come close.
10. I was always 99.99% sure of myself in everything...It was always that last .01% that threw me off...
11. There was this little man in the computer screen who's only purpose in life was to annoy the crap outta me.
12. I wasn't CRAZY...I was willfully different.

Family: Ummm... no comment on my family. Not only are they weird but there are TOO MANY of them. ( I swear, if given the time I could go back 5 generations thanks to my grandmother.)
Numbers: 3,7,13,and 27.
Foods: Anything with Chocolate, or whatever is in the house salty or sweet.
Shows: All anime I've seen EXCEPT Gundam Wing, and I love Jackie Chan Adventures and Invader Zim. And X-men Evolution.
Colors: Black, white, red, blue, and Pine Green. Beginning to like Purple.
Outfits: The ones I design and just a regular T-Shirt and flares.
Jewelry: Rings. Not necklaces, can't wear those do to allergies. Not bracelets, they get annoying. And My ears grew up so not earrings.But I like pendants, and broachs.
Old singers: Is David Bowie old yet??? And Harry Bellafonte the ancient Calypso singer.
My dislikes:
Food: Certain Fish, Soup Beans, peppers, and last but most definately MOST ONIONS!
Shows: Any soap opera, most daytime TV, there used to be some select few Cartoons I used to hate... But I either grew to like them or I've completely forgot about them. I don't like ANY dubbed anime.
Colors: Yellow and most pinks.
Outfits: ...None
Jewelry: Like all Jewelry, things I like least are Necklaces unless they arn't metal.
Old Singers: I dunno, I only know the ones that I like.
Anything else in particular: Briteny Spears, anyone who doesn't like or purposely critizes Anime. Tabloids, romance novels (For the young and deperate... so maybe in a few years). And I don't like Rap Music, never have never will.

Me overall:
I'd consider myself a nice person, but a lot of people think that of themselves. But everyone who knows me has never had any complaints accept for the fact I'm not really talkative. Which I'm not if you met me. I never start a conversation first. I'm a geek, dork, whatever they're called, commonly referred to as nerds. But I'm one of those. Not an outcast. But I'm not in any groups or anything like that. My favorite things in the whole wide world are my family, my drawings and writings, anime, manga, and fudge. Those are my favorite things. I don't have any particular dislikes except for anything mentioned just above me. I'm pretty open minded. I'm not against anything, though there are some things that I never really liked. I like to read...I've never met a book I didn't like. Other than above mentioned Romance Novels. I don't particularaly like Mystery Novels either. Unless it's deguised as science fiction or Fantasy, my two favorite Genres.
I think that's all I've got to say about me. Ask me anything, I'll more or less willing to share.
I'll let you know right now that my taste's chang on a constant basis. If you look at everything up there, talk to me about it, wait a year, talk to me again... I probably will have forgotten all about it and found something else to worship. But whenever I like something I usually don't forget about it. I just find something I like more. I'm a pass and go kind of person. In my book nothing ever goes out of style though, basically; if I liked it once (and remember liking it) then I'll never hate it or not care for it.

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