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Hey! I've been on here for so long, and I'm just now updating my profile and adding stories, sorry to make you wait guys! But here's some stuff about me.

Meet Beth. Beth is a short, blonde girl with hazel eyes. She enjoys music, reading and hanging out with friends. She’s almost always smiling but is not always happy. In fact, she’s very depressed and confused. She grew up in a Christian home with strict parents and influential older brother. Beth always knew there was something different about her, but didn’t know what it was because her parents never taught her about it. She didn’t know anything about the words gay and lesbian until sixth grade and learned about bisexual and transgender in eighth grade. She was amazed. But when she talked to her parents about it, they said those people were wrong in God’s eyes and disgusting in theirs and they would go to Hell for it. S Beth was scared to admit to herself - more so to anyone else - that she could be neither cisgender nor straight. But she knew in her heart that she didn’t want to be either. It took her another six years and a lot of research and supportive friends to come out as asexual and transgender. It took another three years to move out, get money and start treatment to become a male.

Meet Eric. Eric is a short, blond young man with hazel eyes. He enjoys music, reading, hanging out with friends and cosplaying. He’s almost always smiling and is usually happy. This is because he is comfortable in his body and has surrounded himself with extremely supportive and wonderful people. He is a transguy and enjoys life more now. He doesn’t have to avoid being forced into dresses or makeup and he is free to be himself.

Hello, my name is Eric and this is my story.


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have fun reading!!

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