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Yo. Do people even read these things? I wonder how many people will realize that I've changed this significantly for the first time in like thirty years.

Pseudonym: Tah (it is shorter and easier to say and type than Tah the Trickster)
Gender: Queer (pronouns: fae/faer/faers/faerself)
Orientation: Panromantic Asexual
Favorite Bands: Avenged Sevenfold, Disturbed, Otep, Van Canto, Bullet for my Valentine, All That Remains, Powerwolf, GrimWolf, Atreyu, Halestorm, Society's Plague, Sister Sin, Seether, Kittie, Hell or Highwater, Pinkly Smooth, Matt Toka, Metallica, Eths, Trivium, Along Came A Spider, Cerebellion, Dharma, AxeWound, among many others. Also a fan of super cheesy 80s songs and really awful pop that clashes horrifically with the rest of my library.
Favorite Books: Bad Monkeys, 13 Reasons Why, Deadline, Lessons from a Dead Girl, Unwind, Harry Potter, Skinned, Little Brother, Lunatic Fringe, City Under the Moon, Wereworld series, High Moor, Cycle of the Werewolf, and pretty much anything by Tamora Pierce.
Working on: As ever I'm mostly working on OneGirl (despite how it looks shut up). That's the series I've been working on the most, and it's the one I know best, so it's easiest to write for that one despite how difficult it is for me to write at all most days. After that is Disillusioned—Jez was and is a roleplay character, remember, so her story is already completely set up and just needs to be written—followed by Le LoupGarou. I have no idea where The Masquerade is going, which is a pity. With the vampire/terrible BDSM crazes going on right now I could make a killing.
Future works: I swear I have like five hundred things that I want to write, y'know? Anyways, the main thing I have coming up is the third and final installment in the OneGirl trilogy, titled Measures. Yes, it is really the last installment in that set (though I won't say no to writing oneshots and short stories later because Rachel and Jessie are my babies okay) but do not fret because remember OneGirl has to be finished first and with my crazy schedule it won't be finished before like 2232. (Which is, coincidentally, the setting for the hopefully-to-be-published secret novel I'm working on. Ohoho.) Anyways after that I have like three chaptered stories to write and post.
On the Web: Tumblr, FanFiction.Net, Twitter, Trickster Publishing, Facebook (author and publisher), Goodreads

Scrapped this because it made me look more like a 12-year-old than I really am. \o/

Anyhow yo. I've already pretty much said what I was going to say about myself? Basically if you want to know more about what kind of person I am just go look at my tumblr because it shows the full range of my psyche from "full-on anxiety-based mental breakdown" to "haha silly cat you can't jump that far."

Singer won first place the 'best femmeslash' category of the Looking at the Stars: Original Slash Fiction Awards (now defunct, from what I understand). It was also nominated for 'best slash' in the Some Kind of Wonderful Romance Awards! Didn't win there (didn't expect it to 'cause m/m is waaaaay more popular than f/f) but tons of thanks for the nomination and votes anyways!

Huge thanks to Tonni for her epic drawing of Rachel. Another huge thanks to MissZabelbubsi for her awesome pictures of Rachel and Jessie! YET ANOTHER huge thanks to Claire (mistedglass/CatHeartXoXo) for her adorable drawing of Rachel with Jessie! Tonni drew some awesome doodles of Rachel and Jessie (and even me!) over here! Aaand then she also drew a ridiculously cute doodle of Rachel and Jessie too! (She also, amusingly enough, has a Rachel musician-character with glasses, piercings, middle names starting with E, and redheaded girlfriends. I thought it was hilarious and so she also drew this picture of our Rachels with their respective redheads. xD) Many thanks again! Also thanks to Slightly (NeoTogo) who drew me a fantastic picture of Rachel and Jessie as well! :D I commissioned Tonni to do a full-color drawing of my three ladywolves (Lexi, Jade, and Jezebel) and she did an absolutely kickass job on it! Aaand Zabelbubsi also did three new gorgeous fanart pieces for me: two of Jessie and Rachel (both are NSFW and not kid-friendly either) and one of me! ALSO, Fawks (Fantasy Friend here on FictionPress; she has a story in my favorites list) has written quite a few fanfictions for me featuring, for the most part, Ash and Taylor from OneGirl! They're all excellent and hilarious and cute so you guys should definitely go read them. (And then go read her fiction This Thing Called Love; once it's over, there's a sequel that Rachel cameos in!) Rachel (and everybody's favorite man Derek) also make a named cameo in Tonni's story D8!

Important Links:

  • Singer: A Romance free PDF version
  • Trickster's Tales bookstore (where you can buy paper copies of Singer, as well as actual eReader formats)
  • A Collection of Carvings, my newly-published poetry book
  • Tah the Trickster facebook fanpage
  • Trickster Publishing facebook fanpage
  • Tah the Trickster author page on Goodreads
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