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6/20/2011 -
Well, it's been a long time. There have been NO new posts, but I HAVE been working on some of my works. I've moved yet again, so things have been slow and shifty, again. Since I haven't found a job yet, maybe I'll find more time to work on my writing. If things turn out the way I'm hoping, I could end up doing that whole new-chapter-every-1-to-2-weeks thing. But I'm not really holding myself to that, considering my past record. VC.

10/21/2010 –
Dear me, things have really gotten out of hand when it comes to my writing. I realize few if any people are going to look at this, but I still feel the need to explain myself. It's hard to believe it's been well over a year since I did anything serious on here. Hopefully that will change soon though. My life has been shifting a lot recently, and I'm still trying to get adjusted to new schools, cities, and friends. In the face of being thrust into an environment foreign to me, my inspiration seems to have taken a turn for the worse. I finally came up with a story plot today, most likely short, but also a lot darker than what I'm used to showing other people. On the same note, I feel like it's important that I go through with this, and see where it takes me. Oh, side note: I changed my online identity to reflect the changes I'm going through in real life. VC.

4/1/2009 -
I know I know... I said there would be stories coming, and then I only posted one chapter; I suck... I am truly sorry about that, but things have been really hectic lately, and it seems I have no real time for myself. Plus, I'm such a scatterbrain, that I can't even stay on one story long enough to finish a couple chapters; instead I have bits and pieces of several stories. I'm not joking, I have at least 10 going at once. It's pathetic. Well, I'd best go. School is calling once again. VC.

Well, here goes nothing...

Name: Van C (No, not for real, but that's what I go by.)

Age: Early 20s

Gender: Female

Eyes: Light-ish brown with olive green flecks (Why does that matter you ask? It doesn't; not at all.)

Interests: Honestly, very little. Reading, writing, fantasy, Chinese food, God, animals, sleeping, food, taking really long showers, my family, snow, my friends... Well, I think that's it... Did I mention food? Yes? Oh, okay.

My Writings: Hmm, I honestly don’t know what to say about this one. I write what comes to me, and won't change it to fit other people. Sorry if I ever write something that offends you—note: I am sorry that it offends you, NOT that I wrote it. I will NEVER apologize for what I write; therefore, if you ever feel the absolute need to insult something, please direct these comments at myself and not my work. I will however take constructive criticism that may improve said work. Hehe, seems I had something to say after all.

Myself: I am not religious, but I do believe in God. My friends like to tell me that I'm a bit of a freak: in not so nice of words and with far more endearment. I love writing, which I already mentioned, though I'm not sure I'm very good at it. Most of what I write ends up turning into a kind of romance, without me even meaning for it to. I try to give my characters minds of their own, and in so doing, there will most likely be: cursing, violence, sexual connotations, etc. Note: I do this, not because I myself believe in/do said things, but because these things seem to be a natural part of life, which means I will not ignore them. I try to keep things realistic, even when I'm writing complete fiction, so if reactions made by the characters seem too generic or cliche, please let me know your thoughts on the matter. When someone critiques my work, I will most likely respond with an explanation of why it is that way; this is not me rejecting what you're saying, it's actually me hoping to have a discussion about how whatever that thing is can be changed for the better. Thank you so much for all reviews, and I apologize in advance for my inconsistent posting.

Possible Stories to Come (My titles are prone to change, since the stories are not yet complete. Also, I would very much like any and all input.):

Funny the nightmares men dream up, even more how they always want to bring them into reality. Emma—spoiled and selfish—is about to be dragged into a world she didn't know existed, where her money is of little value and everything she knows will be destroyed.
Status: Coming

Watch Me Fall
One girl struggles to find the pieces of her broken soul in a world that's always changing. Will she find the happiness she lost so long ago, or will she succumb to the confusion in the darkness?
Status: Coming

The Pages Turn and Burn
The Humans scurry through the streets like rats, their collars blinking eerily in the darkness. The Masters stare down at them from their high up windows, lips curled in disdain and revulsion. The Bright Ones watch impassively from their elegant halls, sorrow hidden behind their emotionless masks.
Status: 1 Chapter

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The Humans scurry through the streets like rats, their collars blinking in the darkness. The Masters stare down from their high up windows, lips curled in disdain. The Bright Ones watch impassively from elegant halls, sorrow hidden behind their masks.
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