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Greetings all who have an interest to look at my profile!

I am Darksmiter, an eighteen year old guy from Thailand who is obsessed about fantasy fiction, be they epic, sword and sorcery or adventure. I rarely read other genres unless asked because I only enjoy a story of an imaginary world where only the imagination of the writer is the bounds for the rules in the world, for this is what I yearned for in fantasy literature (However, I abhor vampires or yaoi, former because it is cliched and the latter because it is disgusting). Imagination is the greatest gift a human can ask to possess. It is the agent that inspired countless worlds from the minds of countless authors, each with their own sets of diversity. The invention of intriguing plots, complex characters, intense combat, dazzling sorcery, fearsome monsters and even heartfelt romance all relied upon this ability. Thus, thank nature/evolution/god for our imaginative mind!

My interests are writing (obviously), badminton, squash, philosophy, psychology, gaming (be it card games like MTG or PC games) and music (I like metal, orchestral and soundtracks, but I can listen to other types of music without discrimination. My favourite bands are Dragonforce, Nightwish, Kamelot and Globus). With such a long list of conversation topics open to public eyes, do not hesitate to PM me whenever you would like a chat. I do love seeing new emails (unless they are spam) so PM me if you feel an inclination to speak to someone, even though the topic may not have to be my interests.

My greatest project at the moment is Light in the Darkness, a story that had consumed my imagination for five years. Five years is indeed a long time for a single story and this is because when I grow up, my story does so too. I have rewritten my story twice already until now I have decided to rewrite no more since I have found my comfortable writing style and a firm storyline which I would stick too. Thus, you can say that this is my last attempt on Light in the Darkness. It may be a personal project which I have spent five years cherishing but let that not make you hesitate when you comment on it. This story has grown mostly around my imagination so it would be good to hear what others have to say. All types of reviews are welcome. Harsh criticisms will help me write better. Flattering complements will spur me on. But the only thing I don't tolerate is total flaming since it will end badly on both fronts. By flaming, the flamer would simply reveal his or her own immaturity to the public eye and, at the same time, destroy the morale of the writer. Nothing good would come of such flamings.

What is this story about then, you say? Well, its theme may be similar with most books about angels battling demons and the epic strife. However, my story focuses on a young man who lives in the slums of a city that had been attacked relentlessly in the past. This story also has a darker side of a malevolent figure whose only joy is to exterminate all human life from the land of Serini. The themes in this story are angels, demons, romances, combats, knights, paladins, necromancers, magic (both light and dark). If you are vaguely interested in any of the things mentioned, then come and have a look. You'll never know whether you like it or not without peeking at the story first. And if you have time, I would greatly appreciate if you comment on it too. If you don't like the story, that's no matter but please do tell me why and I will try to make it better. But if you do enjoy my story, then I would be the happiest man ever to live on fictionpress.

By the way, I firmly stand by the 'share-the-love' policy. This is when someone reviews a story and the author would review the person's story in turn. I find that it is just a matter of politeness and respect. It is what gives birth to mutual friendship. As a firm believer in this, I promise that whoever reviews my story will have theirs reviewed in due time.

If you've managed to get this far with me, I respect your patience. Anyway, I do sincerely wish everyone the best with whatever projects they are doing. May their imaginations run free and may the Celestial inspire their creativity! Good luck to you all!

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